• Moving into your College Apartment/House with Ease

    For many of us college students, leases start at the beginning of June. While many of us don’t move into these locations until late August, there are benefits in moving your stuff in early so you’re settled in right away! Whether you’re traveling from out-of-state or only live a little ways away from your college town, moving can be extremely stressful. The stress that comes with moving can involve physically transporting everything you need from point A to point B, or it could be that the items you brought with you are difficult to transport into your new living space on your own. With the addition of coronavirus and minimizing travel, many people are wanting to limit the number of family members helping to move you into a new place. I know that many of my friends have been struggling to try to move into their new places completely on their own with items such as futons, mattresses, coffee tables, mini-fridges, and more.

    Especially if you’re like me and you’ll be moving into your very first apartment, it can be incredibly stressful to know how you should prepare to pack and move your items! The whole experience is challenging enough for those with experience and can be even more nerve-wracking for those of us moving out for the first time.

    “I won’t be able to carry in my large items by myself.”
    “I can’t fit all my items in my small car.”
    “I can’t assemble this new piece of furniture I bought!”

    If you find yourself saying any of these things, or more, consider letting a company with 15+ years of experience help you out!! And if you’re looking for someone to truly make your moving experience memorable and painless, Relief Moving Company is who you should look to!

    Relief Moving Company is located in Blaine, Minnesota. Another branch of Relief Moving Company is located in Ham Lake, Minnesota. This company is dedicated to helping you save money, protect your valuables, provide fast and friendly service, give Relief Moving Company is located in Blaine, Minnesota. This moving company also is located in Ham Lake, Minnesota. This company is dedicated to helping you save money, protect your valuables, provide fast and friendly service, give you free supplies, and communicate well with you during your move. This company provides so many different services for you! Whether you need help with a long-distance move, packing items, or moving items into your new college apartment or house, Relief Moving Company is for you! Relief Moving Company can help you out on your move if you’re local, in-state or even if you’re out-of-state. This means that truly anyone can experience a move with Relief Moving Company.

    There are so many convenient features that Relief Moving Company offers. I know for me the most annoying thing when moving is packing up all of my smaller items! I always get worried that I won’t pack something correctly and it’ll break or get dirty during the move. I would never have to worry about this with Relief Movers because not only can they help you pack, they even provide free shrink wrap so your furniture doesn’t get dirty on the move. Coming from someone whose biggest concern is always my closet and clothes, one of my absolute favorite things that Relief Moving Company does is provides free wardrobe boxes to use on the day of your move!! This will help you transport clothes on hangers so you don’t have to rehang every single item! (It’s also so much better than the trash bag hack that leaves your clothes wrinkled and falling off the hangers)

    Now how do you go about hiring Relief Moving Company? The process is actually quite simple.

    Step 1: Go to
    Step 2: Utilize their home page function asking about your home! Select where you are moving, how many beds, how far away you are, where you are moving from and to, and lastly, what date you are moving.
    Step 3: Hit submit and a Relief Moving Associate will contact you with a quote!
    Step 4: Enjoy how easy the moving process is now that you have an experienced, dedicated, and kind crew helping you! They will truly make your moving experience more about how exciting this moment is rather than stressful!!

    After navigating their easy webpage, I myself am looking into using Relief Moving Company when I move into my on-campus apartment this fall! After doing all the moving this year on my own, with the help of my mom, I know how difficult and time consuming it can be! I am ready to sit back and let the process be a lot less painful and a lot more relaxing!

    The best way to contact Relief Moving Company is to go to their website and give them a call!! Please drop any questions you have in the comments below so I can direct you to the right person.

    This is a sponsored post.

    With Love, Marin

  • Summer Romance Novel Roundup

    Hey, pretty girl!

    One thing that always gets me in a summer mood is romance novels. Reading used to be my absolute favorite thing and I have newfound time during quarantine to read again. Since I know we are all looking for something to do during this time, I decided to list all of my favorite romance novels.

    1. You’d be Mine by Erin Hahn
    2. The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
    3. The Last Summer by Brandy Bruce
    4. The Moon and More Sarah Dessen
    5. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson
    6. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
    7. Truly Madly Royally by Debbie Riguad
    8. Once and For All Sarah Dessen
    9. If I’m Being Honest by Emily Wibberley
    10. Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

    Enjoy reading!

    With Love, Marin

  • Signs He is Playing Games with You

    Hey, pretty girl!

    When it comes to dating, especially in college, it can be extremely difficult to figure out what someone wants from you. And even when there are a million red flags, it can be incredibly easy to overlook them. I compiled a list of things that can come off as “mixed signals” but are actually just big red flags that he is playing games with you.

    He says that he “doesn’t know what he wants right now”

    • If he uses this excuse, it’s usually because he’s trying to keep you around as long as possible. If he tells you that he doesn’t want a relationship, he won’t be able to keep you. This does not mean “I’ll want to date you eventually” (I cannot emphasize this enough)!! This is just a sign that he is NOT MATURE enough for a real relationship.

    He is a dry texter/doesn’t respond in a timely manner

    • This is one of my personal biggest pet peeves. I think of myself as an incredibly busy person. When I was back at school I juggled working off campus, student senator responsibilities, class AND social time with my friends. However, I always make time to text back the people I care about. If he’s not texting you it’s because he doesn’t want to, not because he’s too busy.

    He communicated with you via snapchat for months

    • Ugh snapchat. If a man cannot ask you for your number please realize that he is not a man, he is a boy. Snapchat is fine for communication at first. However, if you’ve been going on dates/talking/hanging out for months and he STILL contacts you only via snapchat… girl that’s a sign that he doesn’t view you as long term.

    He doesn’t plan real dates

    • I feel like this is an obvious one, however there are implications with this. Just because he plans a date doesn’t mean that he is doing it out of love for you. He might be using it as a way to come off like he cares. If you notice that every time you start to distance yourself from him that he takes you out on a date, he is using it as a way to keep you hooked.

    He mentions his ex quite frequently

    • If he mentions his ex at all on the first date, RUN!!! This is a sign that he probably isn’t over her and that she is on his mind a lot. While it is healthy to not completely cut an ex out of your life (aka burning photos and pretending it never happened), if he still has posts up with her and is mentioning her in convos…he’s going to use you to get over her.

    His friends don’t even know what you guys are

    • If he liked you, his friends would know! If he doesn’t bring you around your friends, this is a clear sign he doesn’t see long term. But what if he does bring you around his friends?? This can caused mixed signals, making you think that he wants you in his life for longer. However, if you’re hanging out with his friends and THEY don’t even know what you are, he’s playing games.

    He doesn’t make an effort to call/ft (especially right now)

    • Especially right now in quarantine, it is almost impossible to communicate and have a lively conversation with someone via texting. He probably doesn’t have much going on right now, so if he doesn’t even give you once or twice a week to call/ft, then he was never in it for you as a person.

    Girl, know your worth. One boy’s “I’m not ready for something serious” is another man’s “I’ve been praying for a girl like her.” Wait for that.

    With Love, Marin

  • “We’re Only Young Once” : Recap of the First Half of Second Semester

    Hey, pretty girl!

    The last couple weeks have been crazy to say the very least. While I’m sad my freshman year (on campus at least) had to end like it did, I still had a lot of memories with my favorite people. Because I loved the way I compiled my first semester memories into life lessons, combined with some inside jokes with me and my friends…I decided I’d do it again.

    So here’s 19 things (in honor of COVID-19) I’ve learned so far this semester.

    1. Super Bowl Sunday hits different with a janky tv signal, DP doughs, bacon wrapped water chestnuts and your besties.
    2. When boys hurt your feelings, take a drive with your besties to get McDonald’s at midnight and scream the lyrics of “Hot Girl Bummer.”
    3. Balancing work, school and activities isn’t all that bad if you can time manage well.
    4. Customized Girl online makes sashes with WHATEVER you want it to say on it (seriously whatever you want. Do with that what you will)
    5. If all of north campus has a blackout after you just said you needed mental crisis time, do run around campus AND jump in the puddles that caused it AND watch light saber battles AND sneak into closed buildings AND go to a rave in the basement of Ireland.
    6. When your man lets you drive on Valentine’s Day, don’t agree to it if you’re bad at parking (you will make a fool of yourself)
    7. Red tik tok LED lights (need I say more?)
    8. Sometimes you need your best friend to walk you from Dowling Hall to Brady Hall, even if there is only a Koch Commons in between.
    9. De-lofting a bed is NOT a two person job. I repeat NOT A TWO PERSON JOB (especially if one of those people is useless aka me)
    10. It’s okay if you fall for a boy at the most random time but aren’t ready to tell him yet.
    11. You know you and your roomie are best friends if you sit on a coffee table and talk about life instead of talking with everyone else at the work party.
    12. Cannolis from Buca Di Beppo hit different.
    13. Once there is a warm weather day, Minnesotans refuse to put winter coats back on. (10 degrees again?? IDC it’s spring now!)
    14. ICE CREAM AND WAFFLES IS AMAZING (thank you Haison)
    15. It doesn’t look like you’re doing the walk of shame if you constantly dress up in heels on a Saturday or Sunday morning.
    16. No matter how much I hate walking there, the dining hall isn’t all that bad.
    17. Sitting on someone’s lap in an Uber because not everyone would fit otherwise is HIGHLY uncomfortable unless you’re like 5’1.
    18. If (hypothetically) your school were to only offer you 20% back on tuition because of an epidemic, the best response is to “borrow” a toilet paper roll holder from the communal bathroom.
    19. And when the world goes crazy, and all seems to be gone, go on a midnight walk with your best friends to the cliffs to talk about life and soak up your last freshman seconds together.

    With Love, Marin

  • To the Freshman


    The last week has been insane.

    In the last week, I’ve said goodbye to the dorm room I made my home, my best friends and the life I created for myself. And I know a lot of you have too. So this one goes out to the college freshman, class of ’23 (I broke it up into sections and shared some of my freshman year mems so I don’t forget them).

    We don’t have it as bad as the seniors in high school or college, but I get that this is hard. We braved an entirely new part of our lives – living without our parents, making all our own decisions, meeting tons of new people – just to be uprooted once we were settling in. The only way to explain this entire thing is that … it sucks.

    But it WILL be okay.

    We have more years living without our parents, more years to make all our own decisions and more years hanging out with all those new people that we turned into our own version of family. This was just the beginning and we will have more time than just this year.

    We took on welcome week (let’s talk about how annoying the great tommie get together was tho).

    Memories: Big “thrill” factory (it was not big or a thrill lemme tell ya), walking to the cliffs at midnight to find David (just for him to be leaving once we got there smh), Roller-Skating (tyler and joey you two owe your friendship to this), five girls one can (really Ireland?? You can do better), the chapman’s (need I say more?), and Quinn and I ditching midway through Tyler’s party for some reason.

    We braved our first semester of college classes and got involved.

    Memories: My very first college class was Macroeconomics with Professor Wu and it lasted exactly 10 minutes (we love how chill the econ department is), I met some of my best friends through student government (Sophia and Haison I love y’all, we will always have the freshman semi formal in our hearts), and the honors retreat (if you were in the sauna I will have a permanent bond with all of y’all).

    We explored the city that was now our home.

    Memories: Even if that meant hopping on the shuttle (running to Greg’s added to the experience, if you took an uber there you are WEAK), Black Coffee & Waffle Bar and Bark slap (sorry for the Olivia verbage), and walking to the river at 2 am to look at your city gives you a completely new perspective on the city (sorry Nolan that we had to interrupt your sleep for girl time).

    We created relationships and bonds.

    Memories: I can say that, without a doubt, I met the people that I never EVER want to leave my life.I can’t even name all of the people that made my freshman year such an incredible experience. If I gave you more than an hour of my time per week, just know you mean something to me. I love y’all more than you even know. UST wouldn’t be home with all of you.

    I, personally, left high school never feeling more satisfied with myself. I really truly didn’t think I could go up from there. I thought high school would be my peak. I was incredibly wrong. UST in seven months created more memorable moments for me than four years at Eagan.

    And I believe that’s something important to acknowledge. We may think that when one chapter ends, the next won’t be as good. It won’t be the same, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t mean it won’t meet or exceed your expectations. So next year I might not be living in Dowling 546, I might not have brunch every weekend at the View, I might not be able to run over to Brady hall whenever I need attention…but it could be even better that that.

    So here’s to having no regrets (well except that first week of school when Olivia and I didn’t run through the fountain. Olivia, we are doing that the first day we get back). Freshman year may be over, but we have so very much to look forward to.

    Class of ’23, we got this.

    With Love, Marin

  • TBT High School : The Club that Changed my Life (1/18)

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Senior year I made a decision that will forever affect my life. Instead of playing softball, I decided to join Eagan High School’s Speech Team (with a little push from the best head coach ever Mrs. Joni Anker). I was placed in the category of Informative Speaking (the one w/the boards if you’re familiar with speech).

    I was nervous beyond belief at our pre-season mock tournament. I stumbled on my words and felt SO inexperienced…until someone said a few simple words to me (you know who you are). “You are going to well this season.” After that one comment, I began to loosen up. And that’s where the season all started.

    The reason I posted this today is exactly a year ago I competed at my first tournament. The start of a long journey to who I am today.

    The season was a wild ride filled with 6 final rounds, a novice championship win, 2 national tournaments and one of my speech coaches getting married during my practice. Speech gave me a different feeling than softball did. I was so supported regardless of how I did. I never felt put down or worthless. I felt empowered.

    My coach always lifted me up. Something I never had before.

    Now, that doesn’t mean speech wasn’t always easy. At sections, my anxiety got the best of me. I stumbled over words I ever had before and I didn’t even know why. One of my teammates (you also know who you are) was in a round with me and made eye contact with me and helped me regain control of my speech. You jeopardized your own ranking in that round by helping me, but in that moment you made me understand that we were a team still. Speech, from the outside, didn’t look like a team sport. However, speech gave me a greater sense of teamwork than softball ever did.

    Walking into the last tournament of the season, I had everything to gain and nothing to lose. NIETOC was the midwestern nationals and I had earned enough bids to attend. I truthfully thought I’d get demolished…this wasn’t the Harvard National Tournament…you had to be in final rounds to get to NIETOC. When I saw my name on the octofinals list, I was shocked beyond belief.

    Every single final round at NIETOC, I spoke every single word like it was the last time. Every time I saw my name pop up on the next final round board I was in shock. How in the world could I, of all people, be going this far at a national tournament? It was because I spoke every single word like it was the last time.

    Since speech, I’ve trained myself to speak with purpose in my daily life. Every single word matters. Every word has a purpose. Instead of a ten minute time limit, however, I have my finite lifetime.

    Novice turned 11th place at a national tournament? Yeah, that’s pretty cool. But you know what’s even cooler? Fragile girl turned confident woman.

    I owe speech team for helping me find my voice, my worth and my place in this world. Even when the whole world seems to be breaking around me, my words are something that I will never, ever lose. If you’re looking for a home to express yourself or are just debating on whether to join speech, especially if you go to Eagan, join. It’ll not only help your writing, communicating and leadership skills, it’ll help you become more…well…you.

    A love letter to speech : I wish I could’ve joined sooner, but I wasn’t meant to. I was meant to only know you for long enough to love you and not dread you. You were something new but something that had always been within me. The awards in the end aren’t what you gave me. You gave me new friends. You gave me self worth. You gave me a chance to speak at graduation. You gave me the truest form of myself.

    With Love, Marin

  • How to Get a 4.0 in College

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Disclaimer : These are things that have worked for me. I am giving my best advice and the strategies that I’ve implemented to help me achieve my goal GPA. Sidenote – a 4.0 is not necessary!

    Also because some of y’all might not believe my GPA, here is a little proof

    Going into college, I made a promise to myself: reduce my overall stress level. Senior year had me frail and broken. While I was motivated in previous years, it seemed to heighten with the added stress of only needing to maintain my GPA for one more year to graduate valedictorian. During my senior year I had lost unnecessary weight and was consumed by anxiety.

    While I decided to keep my same method of studying (typing my notes into question and answer format to study off of), I decided to change the amount of time I would study. Instead of burning myself out studying for 7 hours straight, like I would in high school, I would take a break whenever I could tell I wasn’t able to 100% concentrate. I would return to working on my homework when I was able to.

    5 Quick Tips for a Perfect GPA

    1. Break up your homework and study sessions w/free time!
    2. Create study guides (please please please don’t just reread your notes to study!!)
    3. Ask questions you don’t understand and answer the ones you do in class.
    4. Go talk to professors about your essay when you’re in the process of writing – they might grade it a little easier.
    5. Go into every quiz, test and exam knowing that the final result is now out of your control so you can relax!

    Detailed Look at How I Study

    Example Study Plan

    Example Study Guide

    Another important thing that I’ve learned about myself in college, skipping meals and sleep to study is NEVER okay and causes MAJOR HARM to your mental health. Please eat and sleep. Your GPA won’t matter if your health is failing.

    With Love, Marin

  • Takeaways from a Semester in College

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Phew, finals are over. I am prepared beyond belief for six weeks without school! First semester of college has taught me a lot. These last four months have been chaotic and I wouldn’t know where to begin…so I compiled some of the life lessons I’ve picked up on.

    25 Things I’ve Learned during First-Semester

    1. I should’ve appreciated welcome week and not having classes more. Like a lot more.
    2. Having a randomly assigned roommate was the best decision I ever made – luv u so much Olivia.
    3. College can turn even the most organized person into a procrastinator.
    4. The dining hall loses its pizazz after like week two, but eating is important so don’t skip meals.
    5. Don’t stay friends with just your high school friends. It is so much fun to have two different friend groups that can come together.
    6. Waking up before 7 am is now impossible.
    7. Take advantage of the on-campus/off-campus activities. You pay for those with student activity fee money!!
    8. Frat parties are not like the movies but still fun??? (idk yet I’m debating on that one).
    9. Communal bathrooms are not that bad. Except when you have to squat in the shower or someone threw up or a girl flushed their shirt down the toilet…ok yeah…it’s not good either.
    10. Getting involved on campus can connect you with some pretty awesome people who you wouldn’t be friends with otherwise (freshman class cohort > everything).
    11. Going home is weird and my bed is more comfortable at my dorm.
    12. Don’t download dating apps.
    13. On second thought…do download them (you’ll have some good stories).
    14. On a related note, public first dates!!! I cannot emphasize that enough.
    15. Repeating number 1 because it’s important – I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF WELCOME WEEK.
    16. After fall break time just moves quicker. No, I do not know why.
    17. Coffee either occurs all day for a week straight or you forget what it tastes like – there is no in between.
    18. The CASINO on a Monday night – that’s all I got on that one.
    19. Going to the gym is no longer to get fit. It is purely to avoid other responsibilities.
    20. I shouldn’t have wasted so much money on uber and uber eats….
    21. The entire boy’s dorm building has a weird smell…
    22. Roll Toms sounds better on the tongue than Ski U Mah.
    23. Yeah, counseling is “available.” But like…your crippling mental health can wait until spring semester though! We will put you on the wait list!!
    24. Finals week has no rules. PJ’s to class? Acceptable. Running on pure coffee? Not just acceptable, but you’re THRIVING.
    25. End the semester the way you started it. Even if that’s chaotically walking to the Mississippi River at 1 am to look at stars.

    With Love, Marin

  • Takeaways from a Month in College

    Hey, pretty girl!

    After a month of living at UST, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve begun to settle into college life. While some expectations I had for college were true, others were completely and totally inaccurate.

    Dorm Life

    First of all, don’t even try to schedule a bedtime. It won’t happen. Literally never. However, you will not regret the 4 hours of sleep because it was probably for a good reason. The dorms are socializing central, leaving you meeting so many new people. I was terrified of communal bathrooms coming in, but truly they are a lot better than you think AND you meet new people at the same time. Roommates are awesome (just be respectful to each other) and turn the space into your own mini home.


    There is a lot of reading and outside of classwork. College isn’t harder than high school, it’s just more. DO NOT procrastinate (I say as I write this blog post while procrastinating my two papers)! But seriously, don’t. You’ll regret it. Professors are also there to help you, so participate by raising your hand and get them to know you! You will thank yourself later.

    Meeting New People

    I was terrified of meeting new people in college. I was worried I would not be able to make any friends, or I had forgotten how to make friends. However, a month into college I have a well-established friend group with people who support me! While it’s not always that easy to make friends, it pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you grow as a person. If your school offers small dorm communities with people of similar interests, I 100% recommend it. The Aquinas Scholars Honors Living Learning Community was the best decision I ever made!

    With Love, Marin

  • Tips to Creating a Dorm Room that Feels Like Home

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Up next in the college blog series – dorm rooms. Some of us prior to college cannot wait to live in a new space with new people! Others of us (aka me prior to college) was worried about sharing a space with another person, not having enough room in the closet and feeling like I wasn’t “at home.”

    After week one, room 546 (that’s me) was labeled the room that had everything. And we did have everything : aloe, drying racks, vacuum, snacks, etc. But, over the last few weeks, I’ve also been able to figure out what has truly made my dorm room feel a little bit more like home.

    I used the same bedding and color scheme I had at home.

    I decorated my wall with photos and signs to make the room less empty.

    I put marble contact paper on the doors to cover up the boring wood color.

    Now, these three things may seem super simple, but they make a huge difference. If you’re worried about being “home-sick,” start here with these things. Things that gently reminds you of home are the best things to bring with you.

    With Love, Marin

  • 10 Things to Keep in Mind with College Welcome Week

    Hey, pretty girl!

    When it comes to college welcome week, we all have a lot of misconceptions. What I’ve learned the last week…

    1. Move-in is a disaster if you don’t organize.

    2. It will take you a couple times to figure out how to lock and unlock your door.

    3. You will make friends. Let me repeat that – YOU WILL MAKE FRIENDS.

    4. Communal bathrooms kind of feel like public restrooms, except you have to give obligatory good-morning’s and good-night’s.

    5. If you really are all about the parties, you’ll be able to find them. But if you want to chill in your dorm and watch a movie with friends, you’ll be able to do that too.

    6. Naps are a necessity.

    7. Desserts in the dining hall are good. Eat them… just not every meal.

    8. Getting into a routine is more difficult than it looks.

    9. Go to the events. They’re fun if you make them fun.

    10. After it’s all over, you desperately don’t want classes to start.

    With Love, Marin

  • “The Night Before, Life Goes On.”

    Hey, pretty girl!

    When Trace Adkins’ “You’re Gonna Miss This” comes on your radio 5 times in the last three months, it’s the world telling you a little something. Y2Kountry, thank you for helping me realize my current state of sadness that high school is really over – just like that. 

    I am writing this blog post for anyone who’s struggling to move on to the next big step in their life. Especially those of you moving into college really soon…like me…tomorrow (ahh). 

    High school is only four years long. Each class, day, and week passes slowly, but each year goes by so fast. I felt like I wished those four years away. I wanted to grow up, go to college, and move on. And once I walked across the stage, all I wanted was to relive the four years all over again. Yet, what we all need to realize is that those will not be the “best years of our lives.” There will be so many more great, and better, years. 

    It can be a scary concept to grasp. People we’ve known for thirteen years could suddenly turn into people we will never see again after graduation. Some of us are naturally ready to move on. But, if you’re like me, you’ll spend too many late nights breaking into tears over the idea of it. 

    It’s taken time, but what I’ve come to terms with is that you cannot start a new chapter without ending the last one. High school may be over, but there are so many more chapters to be written in my life. Instead of being sad over what has happened, I decided to be grateful for the many memories and stories I will be able to cherish for my entire life. 

    But, when your friends leave for college, cry. When you get dropped off at college, cry. When you miss high school three years down the road, cry. But make those tears about the happy moments you’ve shared, not what you’re losing. 

    For those of you still in high school…

    • Be yourself
    • Have fun as often as you can
    • Study like crazy
    • Go after what you want
    • Slow down, it goes fast

    Songs to get you in the feels for move-in day

    • Trace Adkins – “You’re Gonna Miss This”
    • Carrie Underwood – “The Night Before (Life Goes On)
    • Hailey Whitters – “The Days”
    • Carrie Underwood – “Don’t Forget to Remember Me”
    • Kenny Chesney – “Don’t Blink”

    With Love, Marin

  • Desk Organization

    Hey, pretty girl!

    A week ago I started stocking up on all my school supplies! I don’t know about y’all, but organization and starting out with brand new notebooks is the BEST feeling! And desk organization is one of the easiest ways to help start off the year right.

    I purchased all my organizers at Target and plan to set up my dorm desk like my setup below! Keeping your desk organized and clean is a surefire way to stay focused and on-task. A messy desk space leads to distractions and loss of focus.

    Example Setup


    Tape dispenser



    Pen/Pencil Holder

    Wall Organizer


    Magazine File Holder

    Laptop Stand

    With Love, Marin

  • Clothes for College

    Hey, pretty girl!

    College is fast approaching, which means its storage bin and packing up your closest season! With small rooms, closets and overall space in general, it can be tough to decide what to bring with to college!

    This list includes just the “must need” items – be sure to bring your favorite fall pieces along with this. Remember : you can always go shopping once you’re in college.

    With Love, Marin

  • UNiDAYS: Utilize your College Deals

    Hey, pretty girl!

    One of the only good things about being a broke college student, is that many stores offer deals to help you out in this crazy time. The hub for a lot of this deals is an app – UNiDAYS.

    If you don’t already know about UNiDAYS, you can use your college email to sign up (even if you aren’t actually moved into your dorm room yet) and have to verify your account.

    After this process it’s basically a free for all. The app features things like : deals near you, scholarship opportunities, percentages off at high end stores and gift-card like promotions.

    My Favorite Deals

    Kate Spade – 15% Off

    Express – 15% Off

    Frye – 20% off

    Lulu’s – 10% Off

    Apple – Free 6 month Apple Music Membership, 20% discount on Apple Care and Free pair of Beats with a iPad/Mac Purchase

    American Eagle Outfitters – 20% Off

    Forever 21 – 15% Off

    College only lasts so long! Save the money while you can and enjoy all the deals this new chapter in your life unlocks!

    With Love, Marin

  • Pajama Try-On Haul

    Hey, pretty girl!

    I’ll be the first to admit – I love wearing athletic shorts and mix-match tees to bed. And then… I realized I would be sharing a room (and a bathroom) with people I barely knew this fall – let’s say, it was time for a PJ wardrobe update.

    For all of you girls heading to college this fall and starting the endless slumber-party that is dorm life – search no further than Target and Amazon (sizing details will be at the end).

    1. Transition PJ Set

    These Target pajamas are the cutest mauve tank/short set ever! Not only are they made of the softest material ever, it also doesn’t completely look like a pajama set. So if you’re looking to go to the laundry room or the dining hall – it’ll just look like lounge wear.

    Also, in case you haven’t heard, most dorms are constantly hot from the amount of bodies in the building. However, if there happens to be a cool evening, you can purchase these matching pajama pants to go with the set.

    2. Collared PJ Set

    If you’re looking to pretend like you have the adult-thing figured out, I highly recommended the Target collared PJ set featured on my Instagram. The material is soft on the skin and perfect if you’re looking for more coverage in your pajamas. I have it in grey and navy, but it also comes in a classic black!

    3. Collared Nightgown

    This Target nightgown has the same style as my collared pajama set, but it for the girls who like the feel of an oversized t-shirt. If you’re taller, I recommended sizing up so that you can walk to the communal bathrooms without flashing anyone!

    4. Slippers

    For lounging in a dorm room or going to a slumber party – slippers are a must! If you are using them frequently though, they need to hold up. These slippers have been recommended by SO many bloggers I follow – and let me tell you, they live up to the hype.

    I purchased the cream colored slippers in a size 9-10 (they run a tad small)!!

    5. Fuzzy Robe

    For after the shower when you just want to stay warm – this robe is so affordable and so cute! It’s on the longer side too, so you don’t have to worry about minimal coverage.

    6. Silk Robe

    If you’re looking for a robe that a) won’t make your hair frizzy and b) looks sexy, this is the robe you want! It comes in a variety of colors and is soft on your skin.

    7. Eye Mask

    For mid-day naps and when your roommate stays up late studying, eye masks are a necessity. This one from Amazon comes in so many colors (matching any girl’s style).

    Sizing Guide : I recommend getting everything in your true size… EXCEPT TARGET. Target tends to have a larger than typical sizing range – for example, I’m typically a small. I size down to an extra-small in Target clothing!


    With Love, Marin

  • Dorm Room Essentials

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Planning for college can be tough, especially if you’re a first born like me! For now, this should help you out with buying stuff for your room, a college packing list will be coming soon!

    With Love, Marin

  • Summer Reading List

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Ohhh summertime… the time to read all the books you didn’t have time to read during the school year! To finish off this summer, I rounded up two types of books: motivational and romance. Both are perfect for summer reading by the pool, at the park, or during a thunderstorm.

    I put an asterisk next to the books I’ve already read (and loved). I plan to read the rest of these books this summer. So join me in grabbing a book from this list and get into full-blown summer cramming mode!


    A Love Letter Life by Jeremy & Audrey Roloff

    Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

    Imperfect Courage by Jessica Honegger 

    *Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley

    Perfectly Imperfect by Ailsa Robson

    Summer Romance

    Eyes on Me by Rachel Harris

    Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith

    If I’m Being Honest by Emily Wibberly & Austin Siegemund-Broka

    *My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

    Night Music by Jenn Marie Thorne

    *Once and For All by Sarah Dessen 

    The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen (YES, this is her new book!)

    The Stand in Boyfriend by Christina Benjamin 

    *The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

    Side Note: Do NOT judge a book by its cover.

    With Love, Marin