• Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

    Hey, pretty girl!

    If you’re like me, fall is the best time for baking. I love all things apple and pumpkin! While I usually stick to making breads, I decided to adventure on to Pinterest and found this amazing pumpkin cookie recipe. I linked the recipe below for anyone interested! My Halloween style plate is from Michael’s, but can only be found in store. It’d be perfect for displaying cookies in the kitchen (if you don’t eat them all first lmao).

    Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

    With Love, Marin

  • Aspire Energy Drink

    Hey, pretty girl!

    It’s almost back to school time which means lots of late nights cramming to get stuff done! As someone with anxiety who gets jitters from caffeine, I always struggle with the balance between maintaining late night energy without upsetting my mental health. Thankfully, due to Zfluencer, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Aspire Energy.

    I will be sent two 12 pack packages of energy drinks per month – I will be trying all the flavors eventually so I’ll be sure to share which flavors are my fav!! This month, so far, I was sent 3 flavors (an extra package since it’s my first set of flavors) mango lemonade, orange pineapple and raspberry acai! Jack will be trying them alongside me to share how they work on a different body, so that the results I share are not just dependent on my experience (plus I just like to share with the loml). My favorite of the two flavors was orange pineapple and Jack’s was raspberry acai.

    Some quick facts about Aspire Energy:

    • No calories, no sugar and no carbs!! (Def better for me then Starbs)
    • Made with green tea, guarana seed caffeine, vitamins B&C and other natural plant based ingredients
    • 80mg of caffeine
    • Sustained energy so that you won’t experience jitters/crash
    • 8 flavors: Tropical, Orange Pineapple, Peach Tea Lemonade, Dark Cherry Lime, Raspberry & Acai, Mango Lemonade, Apple & Acai and Cranberry.
    • They are now being sold in 4 packs at Target and Amazon (linked below for only $6.99 at Target and $9.99 at Amazon.
    • You can find them at Target, Walmart and Amazon (I linked everything from single cans to a 24 pack)

    These energy drinks are unique in so many ways and will truly be my go to caffeine beverage from now on! They truly get me a caffeine boost without my normal anxious jitters! I’ve been drinking them every morning to get a great start on my day!

    With Love, Marin

  • Apartment Grocery Haul

    Hey, pretty girl!

    If you’re like me and planning to make most of your own food this year, instead of heading to the dining hall, I made this handy grocery checklist for you!

    With Love, Marin

  • Banana, Chia Seed and Peanut Butter Oatmeal

    Hey, pretty girl!

    I’ve recently been trying to find some new and simple recipes before going back to college this fall. I’m only going to have a limited meal plan and wanted to find some easy ways to stay healthy!

    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Often, it is also the meal where I eat the healthiest. I shared my recipe below for banana, chia seed and peanut butter oatmeal. Give it a try, it’s incredibly delicious!!

    With Love, Marin

  • Simple Grilled Kabob Bowl

    Hey, pretty girl!

    When I think of summer, I always think of grilled food and eating healthier. I feel like it’s so much easier to eat more whole foods when it’s warmer out (I’m definitely a winter comfort food eater)!

    If you’ve already moved into your house/apartment for the summer or are looking for something different than your mom’s cooking, I have a great recipe for you!

    Grilled Kabob Bowl

  • Peanut Butter and “Jelly” Smoothie Recipe

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Thought I would quick share one of my new favorite pre-workout breakfast ideas with y’all! All you have to do is mix the following ingredients in a blender and you’re set to go!

    • 1 tsp chia seeds
    • 2 tsp peanut butter
    • 1 scoop protein powder
    • 1 scoop collagen powder
    • 2 oz rolled oats
    • 12 oz coconut milk
    • 8-12 frozen strawberries
    • 1 medium banana
    • Ice (to your liking)

    With Love, Marin

  • One Month with the Sweat App

    Hey, pretty girl!

    One thing that I’ve been doing to keep my quarantine anxiety and boredom low is working out with the Sweat app. There are many programs within the Sweat App, but I follow the BBG Beginner Program with Kayla Itsines. I am currently on week 7 of the program (really 4 consistent weeks though).

    While it can be easy for some of us to get started on working out, it is more difficult for others of us (definitely the boat I’m always in). To help keep motivated, one of my good friends even made us a group snapchat fitness story!!

    My Weekly Workout Plan

    Breakdown of the BBG Beginner Program

    • Resistance Workouts (Lower Body, Full Body, Upper Body and Abs)
      • Each workout changes weekly
      • Most workouts are composed of 4 seven-minute-long circuits
        • The Ab workout is two untimed circuits
    • Cardio
      • Unguided cardio
    • Recovery
      • 3 guided recovery sessions (Full Body, Upper Body and Lower Body)
        • I prefer these to rest days!
    • Diet
      • I don’t really use this portion but the app gives you a recommended daily meal plan/recipes!

    My 1 Month Progress

    At this point there is very little VISUAL progress, however I’ve noticed a substantial difference in my health. Following a healthy diet is crucial with this program and I’ve done my best to maintain this (even when snacks are always within arm’s reach)!

    Numbers-wise, I have lost the few pounds I gained during my freshman year of college, but have been careful to not over lose weight. I also have dropped a percentage of body fat (from 24.5% to 23.5%). While this is in the “fit” range, my goal is to get closer to the athlete body fat percentage range (approx 20%).

    I also have noticed that I, in general, feel considerably healthier! While I want to eventually see more physical progress, I believe this is a good place to start!

    Other Programs on the App

    BBG Stronger with Kayla Istines

    Power with Kelsea Wells

    Power at Home with Kelsea Wells

    Fierce with Chontel Duncan

    Fierce at Home with Chontel Duncan

    Build with Stephanie Sanzo

    Lifting at Home with Stephanie Sanzo

    Body and Mind with Sjana Elise

    There are also many quick workout, challenge and target area options!

    Cost of the Sweat App

    Currently there is an option for one month of free access for all new members!

    Typically, the app costs $20 for one month, $55 for three months and $120 for one year.

    While that last price may seem steep, that’s the equivalent of one Starbucks drink per week (aka it’s definitely worth your money)!

    With Love, Marin

  • Workout Playlist

    Hey, pretty girl!

    It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I was soaking up every single second of second semester, trying to disconnect from my computer just a little. And I’m really glad I did I took each last moments of freshman year, and time with the people I love, in.

    Now, since we are all homebodies right now, we might as well do something productive. For me, that tends to be focusing on my health and fitness. The last month I’ve been going to the gym consistently (rip the aarc) and have found that my workouts are more successful when I like the music I am listening to.

    Here’s my country workout playlist:

    • RSVP Maren Morris
    • Southbound Carrie Underwood
    • Just the Way Parmalee & Blanco Brown
    • Bluebird Miranda Lambert
    • Drink in My Hand Eric Church
    • Girls Lie Too Terri Clark
    • Does to Me Luke Combs
    • Here and Now Kenny Chesney
    • Cool Girl Jillian Cardarelli
    • Click Madison Kozak
    • Love You Like I Used To Russell Dickerson
    • When She Says Baby Jason Aldean
    • Confetti Gone West
    • Snapback Old Dominion
    • The Champion Carrie Underwood
    • Midnight Mess Around Old Dominion
    • Gonna Wanna Tonight Chase Rice
    • All the Pretty Girls Kenny Chesney
    • That Song That We Used to Make Love to Carrie Underwood
    • Make Out With Me Maren Morris
    • Anything She Says Mitchell Tenpenny
    • Singles you Up Jordan David
    • Timeless Dallas Smith
    • There Was This Girl Riley Green
    • Kinfolks Sam Hunt

    Here is the Apple Music Playlist Link

    Now get to work, girl! There is only so long in quarantine, make use of the time.

    With Love, Marin

  • Fitness Routine

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Prior to college, I am realizing how important it is to establish a good fitness routine! Once classes, clubs and hanging out with your new besties starts up, it can be difficult to start on something. That’s why I decided to start my fitness routine today (8/6/19).

    The routine I am using is through the BBG/Sweat app (only 28 minute workouts!!). Kayla Itsines has been known to produce results in helping women add muscle and tone their bodies. I’ve heard so many good things about the program, so I decided to check it out for all of you to see if it’s worth the hype!

    Subscription Plans:


    $120/year (50% in savings)

    What the Subscription Comes With:

    • Shopping List/Meal Plan
    • BBG Program
    • BBG Stronger
    • Body and Mind Yoga
    • Post-Pregnancy
    • All workouts can be compatible with an Apple Watch

    Most college campuses have a free weight room/health center, but if they don’t or you prefer body-weight workouts, there are options for either!

    Day 1:

    Thoughts after Day 10 :

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this program so far!

    I didn’t take any progress photos because honestly, physical results in 10 days is nearly impossible. I will, however, note that I’ve had a lot of positive mental results from this program. These workouts are hard and completing them gives you an extra boost of energy for the day.

    I love that the workouts are quick but also leave you sore (I’m doing the regular BBG Program). The descriptions of the moves are very easy to follow, along with vocal instruction. My favorite part of the workouts are the opportunity to play your music through the app itself, so much nicer than dealing with multiple apps!

    As for the other aspects of the app, I haven’t used them much. While I don’t use the diet feature, because I just don’t have the time, it’d be super helpful for someone looking to meal-prep.

    With Love, Marin