• Summer 2021 Purse Trends

    Hey, pretty girl!

    When it comes to accessories, purses are my favorite way to spice up a basic outfit. Janna got me this adorable butterfly purse on clearance for my birthday and it perfectly matches the trends of this summer’s purse trends.

    Trend 1: Market Tote Bags

    I’ve been obsessed with the market tote trend this summer. I picked up a graphic tote from the Loft for summer hammocking trips with Jack 🙂

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    Trend 2: Candy Color Purses

    Saturated and pastels colors are coming in hot for summer 2021. Everything from blue, pinks, greens and oranges will add a pop of color to your neutral outfits.

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    Trend 3: Teardrop Shapes

    I love the shape of these bags and they are coming in the candy color tones for summer 2021.

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    Trend 4: Hair Scarf Bag

    I saw this on TikTok and had to share because you probably have a hair scarf lying around somewhere!

    With Love, Marin

  • Caitlin Covington x Pink Lily Launch

    Hey, pretty girl!

    It’s been a while! I’m back in my second semester routine and am excited to get started up on writing on my blog again. To start back off, I wanted to share this amazing launch from Pink Lily Boutique!! I’ve been purchasing from Pink Lily Boutique for a long time and was so excited when I heard Caitlin was launching a summer/spring vibe line with them (let me tell y’all, it did not disappoint).

    I separated this post by item type and linked everything for easy shopping! Be sure to start shopping quickly, these items will sell out insanely fast (use code CAITLIN for 20% off).


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    With Love, Marin

  • Valentine’s Day Outfits: From Comfy-Cozy to Night-on-the-Town Looks

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Regardless of your Valentine’s Day plans this year, getting in a festive mood for a holiday is always a good time! I’m sharing a variety of V-Day outfits including crew neck graphics, sweaters, dresses, pj’s, accessories and shoes! Happy shopping!

    Graphics/Crew Necks

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    Sweaters/Nice Tops

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    With Love, Marin

  • The Perfect *Shop Local* V-Day Gift: Eleanore’s Accessories

    Hey, y’all!

    Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day was created by large corporations (*cough* Hallmark *cough*), in order to make a ton of extra money. Therefore, it can be hard to want to give gifts to your SO on Valentine’s Day, without supporting the large businesses. I have your solution for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that involves shopping both a local and small business…

    Eleanore’s Accessories!

    Eleanore’s Accessories is based out of Anoka/Coon Rapids, Minnesota. This business is run by Eleanore Lohse and Rowan Olson! These new business owners run a pressed-flower resin jewelry (with total Bridgerton Vibes) business while also studying at the University of St. Thomas.

    Eleanore and Rowen!

    Their pressed-flower resin jewelry is the PERFECT gift for this Valentine’s Day. Their items range from necklaces to earrings (the earrings I picked out are pictured below). This gift is so much more unique than giving your SO flowers, because these flowers will last forever and your SO can wear them everywhere! Each item is handmade and uniquely created, so you don’t have to worry about giving your SO a gift that they already own!

    This is also a super affordable gift! Right now, Eleanore’s Accessories is offering Free Shipping on all orders (and when it arrives, there is a sweet handwritten card). The item you choose also takes less than a week to arrive. If you’re looking to save a little extra money, you can get 10% off with code MARINB until Valentine’s Day.

    All of their shop items are attached below for easy shopping! Be sure to follow their instagram, @eleanoresaccessories, for more updates!

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    With Love, Marin

  • 5 Style Tips To Feel Your Best This Year

    Hey, pretty girl!

    One of my goals for 2021 is to post a blog post every single day (yep, that’s right – daily). Since the original inspiration for my blog was entirely centered around fashion, there was no better way to start off my blog posts than with a few overall fashion tips for the year.Just for a little fun, at the end of each one of my posts, I’m going to randomly give a little insight into myself so y’all can get to know me better!

    1.Don’t follow every trend.

    This one is a tough one for many people. Whenever a new trend appears, everyone seems to rush into buying and wearing it. The trend eventually crashes and burns, and you’re left with a “worthless” wardrobe. Instead, I suggest following the trends that suit your style best. For example, I LOVE the schoolgirl trend on other girls (it looks so cute and I love that it’s a trend), however, I personally know that the trend isn’t my style and doesn’t fit my personality. Don’t waste money on items that you can’t heavily incorporate with clothes you already have or your desired style.

    2. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

    The easiest way to elevate any look is with some accessorizes. My favorite accessory is a purse! Quarantine has made this a bit difficult, since there are not too many places I’m going that I actually need to bring a purse with me. Accessories don’t need to be classic items such as jewelry, a purse or belt though. Accessorizing can include items such as shoes or a pretty detailing on one item of your clothing. While there is such a thing as having too many accessories, adding 2-3 accessories to a look can immediately elevate your style and confidence level.

    3. Plan out your outfits.

    If you find yourself constantly wearing the same outfits or pair of sweatpants (me 24/7 since March), the best way to get out of the habit and start feeling your best is planning your outfits ahead of time. While it may motivate you to plan a week in advance, I typically plan my outfits the night before. If you change your mind frequently, I suggest pulling the items off of hangers so that it makes it more difficult to put away and change your mind the next morning. This style tip definitely helps the motivation to wear the cute clothing items you have, instead of wearing the same old pjs (nothing wrong with this, but I find a much higher confidence level when I’m wearing stylish clothes).

    4.Use others for inspiration!

    One word – Pinterest. Pinterest is my go-to for all things fashion inspiration. If you want to accomplish a specific aesthetic or need outfit ideas for a specific event, Pinterest is awesome for gaining some inspiration! While I don’t suggest using this inspiration as a means to purchasing specific items, it is a great way to look at an image and utilize the clothing items you already have to create a similar look.

    5. When in doubt, overdress.

    Finally, if you’re not sure what to wear, it’s better to overdress than underdress. Some people may disagree with me on this, but I always feel much better when I overdress for an event than when I underdress. Plus, overdressing can leave you feeling more confident and stylish than those around you (helping you feel your best). My go-to outfit is ALWAYS a dress. Dresses are more comfortable for me and it’s so easy to bring a jean jacket to dress down a fancier dress.

    What are your favorite style tips?

    With Love, Marin

  • Solar Eclipse

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Let me introduce you to a brand new company that just launched… Solar Eclipse!! This company’s focus is that “women are everything.” This company, created by women, focuses on celebrating a woman for who she is now (this motto is absolutely everything). They are not only focused on supporting women but also only sustainable and beautiful designs. Every style is made from cruelty free materials including vegan leather and vegan faux fur. Even the packaging is plastic free and recyclable!!

    I’m a current ambassador for their company (meaning y’all get a discount!!)

    My discount code is MARINB for 15% off and for today and tomorrow they are offering free shipping today and tomorrow for Christmas delivery (they have a gift tab on their website if you’re still doing some last minute shopping).

    The items I received from Solar Eclipse are linked below.

    Half Moon Bag



    With Love, Marin

  • Thanksgiving Outfit Styled by Ashley

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Ashley will be the second one to take part in my Thanksgiving Outfit series! Her style is to die for (and her love for Pinterest boards definitely shines through in her outfit choice)! The Steve Madden shoes in this outfit are also 30% off today!


    Hi, my name is Ashley and I’m 17 years old!! I absolutely love shopping. My favorite thing to shop for are sweaters and shoes!


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    With Love, Marin

  • Thanksgiving Outfit Styled by Madelyn

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Madelyn will be the first one to kick off my Thanksgiving Outfit series! This girl was so easy going and fun to work with. The style she was going for was dressy and mature, with a young touch (she also loves a small amount of western flair).


    Hey guys! My name is Madelyn and I just turned 21. I love to go shopping and my favorite thing to buy is shoes!


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    With Love, Marin

  • Sandy and Danny from Grease: Hair Tutorial + Costume

    Hey, pretty girl!

    If you’re looking to be Sandy and Danny from Grease for Halloween – this is your one stop for all things hair/costume



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    With Love, Marin

  • 9 Simple Halloween Outfits

    Hey, pretty girl!

    If you haven’t decided on a costume yet, these simple ideas can be all completed with less than $30!


    2. Pirate

    3. Little Red Riding Hood

    4. Sandy & Danny

    5. Boxer

    6. Lilo & Stitch

    7. Space Cowgirl

    8. White Claw

    9. Mermaid & Sailor

    With Love, Marin

  • 30% off Outerwear at Maurices

    Hey, pretty girl!

    This week, I asked y’all via Instagram polls what content you would like to see for the next couple months. While I’m definitely planning some great holiday content already, fall content is what most of y’all are looking for! I got an overwhelming number of you who wanted/needed outerwear for fall. Today, I found a 30% off sale at Maurices for all outerwear (including the shacket trend ahhh!!)

    If you’re looking for a basic blazer coat, shacket or transitional winter coat… I got you.

    With Love, Marin

  • Sweaters you NEED for the Fall Weather

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Fall weather means it’s time to bring out the cozy sweaters! There is nothing like being able to “dress nice” by wearing an oversized sweater. These sweaters are so comfy but make you look put together during the fall season.

    With Love, Marin

  • 31 Halloween Costume Ideas

    Hey, pretty girl!

    It’s the beginning of October, which means it’s time to start planning Halloween costumes. While you shouldn’t host or attend any parties this year, it’s still fun to get dressed up. I compiled a list of some simple Halloween costumes (couples costumes, friend group costumes and solo costumes) for this year!


    1.Elle Woods

    2. Cruella De Vil

    3. Heather

    4. Scarecrow

    5. Pirate

    6. VS Angel

    7. Mermaid

    8. Devil

    9. Lifeguard

    10. Cowgirl


    11. Barbie and Ken

    12. Meg and Hercules

    13. Tooth Fairy and Dentist

    14. Lilo and Stitch

    15. Sully and Boo from Monsters, Inc.

    16. Mermaid and Sailor

    17. Peter Pan and Wendy Darling

    18. Shark Boy & Lava Girl

    19. Hunter and Deer

    20. Fleur Delacour and Victor Krum


    21. Scooby Gang

    22. M & M’s

    23. Powerpuff Girls

    24. White Claws

    25. Mamma Mia

    26. Hocus Pocus

    27. The Heathers

    28. Mean Girls

    29. Clueless

    30. All the Taylor Swifts


    And for #31, I’m going to be sharing my costume for this year! I’m going as Sandy from Grease.

    This is the look I’m going for. I linked all the products I purchased for this costume below.

    With Love, Marin

  • 5 Outfits for your Fall Dates

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Fall is upon us (that means cuffing season – hate that term lmao but I had to). When it comes to fall dates, there is so much versatility and options. I am sharing five outfits for some classic fall dates that are simple but cute enough for a photo opp with your boo!


    Pumpkin Patch

    Coffee Date

    Mini Skirt


    Movie Night



    With Love, Marin

  • Weekly Outfit Roundup: Week 3

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Welcome back to another week of outfits! I’ve been struggling with waht to wear cause the weather has been warm but I’m ready for fall weather!!


    Monday Pt.2






  • My Favorite 2020 Fall Fashion Trends

    Hey, pretty girl!

    I’m not huge on 100% following trends and like to pick out unique pieces that I like to wear, but when there is a current trend that I do like, I go all out!! I’m sharing my five favorite predicted fashion trends for this fall (spoiler alert – they are almost the exact same trends as 2019)!

    Linked my Pinterest board for fall 2020 fashion here.

    1. Knee High Boots

    2. Minimalist Beige

    3. Leather

    4. Animal Print

    5. Sequins

  • Weekly Outfit Roundup: Week 2

    Hey, pretty girl!







  • Weekly Outfit Roundup: Week #1

    Hey, pretty girl!







    With Love, Marin

  • NUYU Part 2!

    Hey, pretty girl!

    My excitement for going back to campus has been elevating so much over the last few weeks!! I became even more excited this week when I received my Nuyu brand college wear items! I’m going to be an ambassador with Nuyu for 3 months with the help of Zfluence. I’m so excited to continue to promote Nuyu and other ambassador companies!!

    I received two items from Nuyu. The second item, the one I am sharing on my Instagram today, is the “ESSENTIALS BY NUYU YOGA LEGGING WITH MESH INSERTS.” These leggings are so high quality and match perfectly with my school colors! It also comes in red and royal blue! The mesh inserts make the leggings super breathable to work out in! They also would be perfect for wearing to class!

    There are tons of purple and white apparel on the website for my UST girlies!! To shop at a discount use code FLASH75 for 75% off until Friday and TEAMMARIN for 25% off after that.

    Also, the first 75 people to comment “TEAMMARIN” on one of @nuyubrand ‘s posts, and DM me saying they completed it, will be entered into a $15 gift card raffle (winner chooses where the giftcard is from)!!

    With Love, Marin

  • Fall 2020 Clothing Haul: 10 Fall Aesthetic Outfits

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Fall is (almost) every girl’s favorite season!! And for good reason – chai latte, apple picking, comfy cozy clothes, autumn scented candles, legging season and pumpkin picking! This list is sure to fulfill your fall clothing needs!!

    Outfit #1: Top with Spanx

    Pumpkin Sweatshirt and Spanx

    Outfit Total: $133 (20% off Pink Lily w/code AUGUST2020 and 10% off first purchase at Spanx)

    Sizing Details: S in Top (TTS), S in Bottoms (TTS)

    Leopard Print V Neck and Spanx (10% off first purchase at Spanx)

    Outfit Total: $112

    Sizing Details: Size XS in Top (TTS), Size S in Bottoms (TTS)

    Outfit #2: Fall Skirts

    Black Bodysuit and Blue Plaid Skirt

    Outfit Total: $61.50 (10% Student Discount Princess Polly)

    Sizing Details: Size S in Top (TTS), Size 2 in Bottoms (TTS)

    Skirt is unlinkable at Princess Polly

    Black Bodysuit and Tan Plaid Skirt

    Outfit Total: $29.50

    Sizing Details: Size S in Top (TTS), Size 4 in Bottoms (Size up 1)

    White Bodysuit and Navy Plaid Skirt

    Outfit Total: $23.20

    Sizing Details: Size 4 in Top (Size up 1), Size 4 in Bottoms (Size up 1)

    Outfit #3: Top with Denim

    Satin Tank, Blazer and KanCan Jeans

    Outfit Total: $89 (15% student discount Forever21)

    Sizing Details: Size S in Top (TTS), Size XS in Blazer (TTS), Size 25 in Bottoms (Size down 1)

    Camo V-Neck and Jean Shorts

    Outfit Total: $54

    Sizing Details: Size XS in Top (TTS), Size S in Shorts (TTS)

    Black Cardigan, Jersey Turtleneck and Vervet Jeans

    Outfit Total: $94

    Sizing Details: Size XS in Cardigan and Turtleneck (TTS), Size 26 in Jeans (TTS)

    Outfit #4: Fall Dresses

    Linen Dress

    Outfit Total: $35

    Sizing Details: Size XS (TTS)

    Purple Plaid Dress and Tights

    Outfit Total: $23 (20% student discount H&M)

    Sizing Details:Size XS in Dress (TTS), Size S in Tights (TTS)

    With Love, Marin

  • Fall 2020 Clothing Haul: 10 Staple Shoes/Accessories for your Fall Wardrobe

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Here I’ve linked options (or similar options) to the photos below! I paired the shoes with outfits as well for you to see how to style the shoes/accessories!

    Shoe #1: Booties

    Shoe #2: Knee High

    Shoe #3: Combat

    Shoe #4: Animal Print


    Leopard Boots

    Snake Skin Boots

    Shoe #5: Sorels

    Waterproof Sorel

    Fur Sorel

    Shoe #6: Thigh High

    Accessory #7: Scarves

    Accessory #8: Handbag

    Accessory #9: Fiddler Cap

    Accessory #10: Headbands

    With Love, Marin

  • Fall 2020 Clothing Haul: 10 Back to School Basics

    Hey, pretty girl!!

    Happy back to school shopping!! I shared and linked 10 different basic back to school outfits all $100 and under.

    Outfit Type #1: Basic Tee and Jeans

    Black V-Neck Tee and Light Colored Jean

    Outfit Total: $67

    Sizing Details: XS in top (TTS), 25 in bottoms (size down 1)

    White V-Neck Tee and Medium Wash Button Front Jean

    Outfit Total: $67

    Sizing Details: XS in top (TTS), 25 in bottoms (size down 1)

    Outfit Type #2: Nicer Top and Jeans

    Black Satin Cami and Dark Wash Jeans (15% student discount at Forever21)

    Outfit Total: $100

    Sizing Details: S in top (TTS), 27 in bottoms (size 1 up)

    Outfit Type #3: Bodysuit and Jeans

    Black Turtleneck Bodysuit, Ripped Medium Wash Jeans and Burberry Dupe Scarf (5% student discount at Nasty Gal)

    Outfit Total: $75

    Sizing Details: 4 in Top (TTS), 26 in bottoms (TTS)

    Outfit Type #4: All Things Skirts/Dresses

    Purple Skirt and Crop Top Set (10% student discount at Beginning Boutique)

    Outfit Total: $75

    Sizing Details: Size 4 in both (TTS)

    White Bodysuit and Denim Skirt

    Outfit Total: $40 (10% student discount at Forever21

    Sizing Details: S in Top (TTS), 25 in bottoms (TTS)

    Bottoms are unlinkable from Pacsun

    Babydoll Dress

    Outfit Total: $20

    Sizing Details: XS (TTS)

    Outfit Type #5: Loungewear for Zoom/Pajamas

    Pajama Set

    Outfit Total: $35

    Sizing Details: Size XS (TTS)

    College Sweatshirt and Spanx Leather Leggings

    Outfit total: $98 (10% off first purchase at Spanx)

    Sizing Details: Size S (TTS)

    With Love, Marin

  • How to Get the #NSale Spanx Leather Leggings without a Nordstrom Credit Card

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Shopping the Nordstrom sale can be a major hassle (especially if you’re a student and don’t have a credit score/large income yet). Typically, a lot of the items are sold out by the time non-credit card holders can shop. This means that the items a lot of people buy (specifically the Spanx leather leggings) are gone. I’m going to share with you how to get these leggings for a cheaper price (not cheaper than the NSale but still not full price) if you can’t get a Nordstrom credit card.

    Step 1: Go to the Spanx website.

    Step 2: Sign up for emails to get a 10% off code sent to your email.

    Step 3: Purchase the leggings for $88 instead of $100.

    Happy shopping!!

    With Love, Marin

  • Nuyu College/Athletic Clothing

    Hey, pretty girl!

    My excitement for going back to campus has been elevating so much over the last few weeks!! I became even more excited this week when I received my Nuyu brand college wear items! I’m going to be an ambassador with Nuyu for 3 months with the help of Zfluence. I’m so excited to continue to promote Nuyu and other ambassador companies!!

    I received two items from Nuyu. The first item, the one I am sharing on my Instagram today, is the “Essentials by Nuyu Strappy Sports Top.” I’ve been living in this top since it arrived! It is so comfy and adorable! This top would be multifunctional!! I could wear it to work out at the gym, paired with leggings and a athletic zip up to class and with a tennis skort for gamedays!

    There are tons of purple and white apparal on the website for my UST girlies!! To shop at a discount use code FLASH75 for 75% off until Friday and TEAMMARIN for 25% off after that.

    Also, the first 75 people to comment “TEAMMARIN” on one of @nuyubrand ‘s posts, and DM me saying they completed it, will be entered into a $15 gift card raffle (winner chooses where the giftcard is from)!!

    With Love, Marin

  • Sustainable Fashion with Rent the Runway

    Hey, pretty girl!

    After spending all week cleaning out my closet (I’ll be sharing clothes for y’all to buy soon), I realized how wasteful I used to be! That was prior to becoming part of Rent the Runway! Rent the Runway is a simple way to commit to sustainable fashion that you can switch up every month so you don’t get bored with the items you have!

    Some facts about Rent the Runway

    • Promote sustainable fashion
    • Offer a student discount
    • Deep clean clothing items (no covid worries)
    • Free shipping
    • Thousands of designer items (purses and jewelry too)

    My Experience so Far

    I have not regretted Rent the Runway for a second!! The customer service is so helpful with understanding how it works, the clothes come in great shape, I’m never bored with the outfits I pick and the sizing info is so accurate!!

    How to Get a Student Discount

    Use the UNiDAYS app for a 25% off discount on their basic 4-item per month / one-swap per month plan!! (Ends up being around $70 per month but you’re receiving $500+ designer merchandise).

    I hope you decide to go more sustainable with this company!!!

    With Love, Marin

  • My Favorite Lipstick

    Hey, pretty girl!

    I used to absolutely hate lipstick of any kind! I thought it didn’t look right on me and ended up drying out my lips. My senior year, when I joined speech team, it became 100% a necessity to wear lipstick for tournaments. During this time is when I stumbled upon my go-to everyday lipstick – Tarte Glide & Go Buttery Lipstick.

    I’d seen this lipstick before from multiple influencers online including Bre Sheppard and Kathleen Post. When I gave it a try, I totally understood the hype! This lipstick has the texture and moisturizing capabilities of chapstick with the color of a lipstick. Especially at tournaments where I was speaking almost all day, this brand helped to keep my lips hydrated.

    I personally use the shade “Pink Tutu” because it’s the same tone as my lips, except with a hint more pink and a shiny texture. It finishes my makeup look off without turning it into a “glam” makeup look. Below, you can find the links to this lipstick both directly from Tarte (15% off your first purchase) and Ulta. I also tagged the other Tarte products I recently bought during the LiketoKnowIt sale!

    With Love, Marin

  • Mask up, Minnesota!

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Minnesota (finally) put a law into effect regarding wearing a mask in public, indoor spaces (linked the information on the mandate here)! In case you don’t have the masks you need before this law goes into effect on Saturday, I am sharing some stylish masks below!

    I shared masks in a variety of textures (ex. athletic texture for working out) and colors (to match every one of your outfits at school in the fall)

    Please stay safe AND keep others safe by wearing a mask!!

    With Love, Marin

  • The Best Jeans

    Hey, pretty girl!

    When it comes to wearing jeans, I always struggle with finding a pair that fits snug in the right spots but not too snug where I can move. Usually, I settle for a pair that almost fits me right. Well, I have finally found a brand of jeans that is sustainable, size inclusive, has a flattering fit AND is comfortable.

    The brand of these jeans are KanCan. While they can be on the more expensive side, Maurice’s sells them for discounted prices in the clearance section of their stores. Right now is a super good time to stock up on these jeans before fall, as July is filled with lots of clearance products at stores.

    Why are these jeans “the best”?

    • They have sizes ranging from the equivalent of a 0 to 22
    • They hug your curves properly
    • They are made of an incredibly stretchy material
    • Some of their styles are made of recycled denim
    • They aren’t overpriced
    • They come in a variety of colors/styles

    Below I linked my LiketoKnowIt with a variety of KanCan denim styles. There is much more on the website, but the jeans below are fully stocked and at a reasonable price!

    I am a size 25 in these jeans and my measurements are as follows, waist – 25.5″ hips – 35.5″.

    With Love, Marin

  • The F21 of Boutiques: Blush Mark

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Use code BlushMarin15 at for 15% off! Code expires 7/30!!!

    I was fortunate to have had Blush Mark reach out to me recently for a collaboration. Upon opening their site, I was incredibly shocked at how low their prices were!! The clothing looked like something I would buy at a boutique for over double the price. As a college student looking to save money, I was immediately intrigued.

    I ended up receiving two items from Blush Mark. The first item was the purple dress shown below. The material on this dress is SO soft and it is one of the most comfortable dresses I own. I love how flattering it is, while also giving me comfort. Places I would wear this dress would include a date night at a restaurant (or take-out because that’s what I’m doing these days) or a future game-day at the University of St. Thomas.

    I bought a size small in this dress but definitely wished an extra small was an option! If you’re between sizes, for sure size down.

    Necklace: Soufeel Jewelry Carrie Name Necklace – for 15% off use code MarJay15

    The second piece I got from Blush Mark was the mint green jumpsuit pictured below. I’ve been OBSESSED with pastel colors this year and fell in love with the color of this jumpsuit. I also love jumpsuits because 1) they are simple to make an outfit with 2) they feel like pajamas 3) people will think that you tried really hard to look nice. This jumpsuit is a tad see through in the lower portion, but it makes the material a lot more breathable for summer weather. The ruffle detailing also added a super feminine touch to the look!

    I purchased a small in this jumpsuit and it fit perfectly! Definitely runs TTS!!

    Again, my 15% off code for y’all (BlushMarin15) expires on July 30th, so get to shopping if you want an even better deal than this website already gives you. Happy shopping lovies 🙂

    With Love, Marin

  • 4th of July Graphics, Sweatshirts, Dresses, Swimwear, Accessories and More!

    Hey, pretty girl!

    I know when I posted a poll on my Instagram a few weeks ago that some of y’all wanted to buy outfits for the Fourth of July so this one is for you! I will be sharing a post in the next week or two on how to style pieces you already own!

    Graphics Tees Guaranteed by the 4th – 20% off with SUMMER20

    Sweatshirts Guaranteed by the 4th – 20% off with SUMMER20

    Dresses/Rompers/Dressy Top – 20% off with SUMMER20

    Swimwear – prices as low as $10.99!!!


    Blush Mark – 15% off with BLUSHMARIN15

    With Love, Marin

  • Cute Custom Jewelry Staple

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Since receiving my new Soufeel Jewelry necklace in the mail, I have yet to take it off! I had been searching for the longest time for a simple customizable name necklace and was so grateful Soufeel reached out! Their necklaces are great for gifts because every girl would love one! There are multiple designs. I decided to go with the simple gold design, “Carrie” so that I could wear it with anything. If you are looking for a jewelry staple that won’t take over your outfit, this is it!

    The quality of the necklace is outstanding! It isn’t thin enough to bend and the gold appears as though it will never chip off! I also appreciated how quickly it shipped to me. It only took two weeks!

    To get 15% use MARJAY15 and this link! Happy online shopping y’all!

  • My New Favorite Skincare Tool

    Hey, pretty girl!

    In my recent collaboration with Michael Todd Beauty, I was able to receive and use the Soniclear Petite Skincare Tool for the last two weeks. I tracked my overall thoughts below on the product, as well as linked where you can purchase the product!!

    Day 1 : Immediately after using the product my skin feels so much smoother. I can tell that I wasn’t able to get a deep clean with my hands, because my skin has never felt this clean.

    Day 7: My skin is completely clear and a lot more even texture wise. I have noticed that the product hasn’t helped much with my blackheads on my nose, but otherwise, my skin is soft and radiant.

    Day 14: This product has become a major part of my skincare routine. I’ve noticed that I never skip my skincare routine because it’s so much simpler to use the spin brush than my hands to wash my face. My complexion is more even, I haven’t had a pimple in over a week and my skin is a lot more hydrated. I feel like I don’t even need to use my exfoliating mask anymore.

    You can purchase this product at HSN or straight from Michael Todd Beauty!!

    With Love, Marin

  • Game Day/Going Out/Darty Try-On Deets

    Hey, pretty girl!!

    When it comes to fall there is a chance that all sorts of going out and game days will be cancelled….but just in case they aren’t I tagged everything from my Instagram try-on below.

    Please use this link to get to the items I tagged on LIKEtoKNOWIt.

    Gameday Outfit 1

    White Cami Crop (LIKEtoKNOWIt), Purple Wrap Skirt, White Espadrilles (LIKEtoKNOWIt)

    Gameday Outfit 2

    Purple Skirt/Crop Set, Jean Jacket (LIKEtoKNOWIt), Sunglasses, Black Heels (LIKEtoKNOWIt)

    Gameday Outfit 3

    Purple Long Sleeve Crop, White Denim Skirt (LIKEtoKNOWIt), Clear Purse (LIKEtoKNOWIt), White Boots(Sold Out)

    Party Outfit 1

    White Bodysuit, Jeans(Rent the Runway), Belt Bag (LIKEtoKNOWIt), White Heels(Sold Out)

    Party Outfit 2

    Leopard Crop Top, Leather Skirt, Black Heels (LIKEtoKNOWIt)

  • Easter Outfits

    Hey, pretty girl!

    I know we’re probably still going to be stuck inside for Easter, but if you want to put yourself in the mood for the holiday anyways, I compiled a list of cute outfits!


    1. Blue Floral Blouse (Target)
    2. Pink Blouse
    3. Pastel Mint Pullover


    1. Purple Floral Print Dress
    2. Light Blue Print Dress
    3. Blue Floral Two-Piece Set

    Hope y’all are staying healthy!

    With Love, Marin

  • Rent the Runway

    Hey, pretty girl!

    I have a shopping problem…a huge one. I like to buy new things but once the “newness” wears off, I’m ready to purchase something else. This started to become a tad problematic for my bank account, so I decided to try out Rent the Runway.

    With the “one swap” subscription, originally $89/month, plus the discount from the UNiDAYS app, it only costs approximately $67 a month to rent four items. At the price I typically buy clothes, this saves me about $100 per month! It’s also more eco-friendly to rent clothes (clothes are the #2 polluter after oil!!!)

    In my Instagram post today, I am showcasing two of the items I have this month! I am wearing the BlankNYC Bowery Skinny Jeans (which I plan on purchasing because they fit way too good to give them up) and the Slate & Willow Red Leather Moto Jacket.

    I will be showing y’all my other two rentals late this week or into next week! Hope everyone is staying healthy and at home!

    With Love, Marin

  • My Makeup Mirror & What's in my Makeup Bag

    Hey, pretty girl!

    I’m far from a makeup guru but I wanted to give my quick & simple makeup routine! It took me forever to find out what makeup would work for me, given my fair skin and freckles, so I wanted to help out the other girls with skin tones similar to mine!

    First off, my makeup mirror – iHome Bluetooth Double-Sided Vanity Mirror. I love this mirror so much! I got it before going away to college, knowing that the dorm lighting wouldn’t be the best, and it’s made all the difference. It’s easy to tell if my makeup is blended well, as well as play music in the morning straight from my mirror!!

    Makeup product wise, I listed the products I use and the order in which I use them (disclaimer – I am not a big eyeshadow girl).

    1. Elf Hydrating Primer
    2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint (in classic ivory)
    3. L’oreal Brow Stylist Designer (in Blonde)
    4. Elf Sheer Tint Finishing Powder (in Fair/Light)
    5. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
    6. Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini-Brush (lower lashes)
    7. Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect (upper lashes)
    8. Tarte Glide & Go Buttery Lipstick (in Pink Tutu)

    And that’s all! It’s a super simple routine, but one I found that works very well for my skin!

    With Love, Marin

  • In Between

    Hey, pretty girl!

    This one is going to be a quick post! Wanted to share a causal but feminine look for Valentine’s Day & a song I’m lovin’ right now that was the inspiration for my IG post today!

    Sweater : This sweater is from my favorite store, Red Dress Boutique. This sweater is casual but has a feminine feel to it w/the see through holes and frill! Unfortunately, it is sold out right now. However, if you add your email to the list you will be notified when it restocks!

    Jeans : These are the BEST jeans y’all. Especially for my fellow not thick, thick girls. It hugs your curves in all the right places and fits like a glove! I got a size 26 for reference.

    Purse : This purse adds a pop of pink for a cute & simple Valentine’s Day look. This would look adorable for a night out with your girls or a date with your man!

    Boots : Sorels are my go-to when it comes to boots! Not only do they incorporate heels into a boot design, but they are SO comfy. They are on the spendy side but totally worth the price.

    Hairband : This hairband takes me back to when I was a little girl. Sometimes it’s fun just to throw a lil innocence into your adult look!

    When wearing this hairband I immediately thought of a Kelsea Ballerini song and knew I needed to use it as my caption: In Between.

    The lyrics of this song are so relatable for us first year college students! We are in this in between phase that can be so complicated to navigate it at times. Give the song a listen to for me!

    With Love, Marin

  • Updated Hair Care Routine

    Hey, pretty girl!

    A few months ago I wrote a little about how I restored my damaged hair from years of straightening it. Since that post, I’ve made a few changes to my hair routine that have made some big changes in the texture of my hair!

    My hair stylist recently introduced me to the Olaplex line of hair products. While I had been using the Olaplex Bond Smoother for a few months to combat frizz, I was a little skeptical about using all of the products at first. Kerastase was working so well for me!! Why would I change??

    I started slowly incorporating Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner into my hair care routine a couple days a week and I noticed something. Whenever I would use Olaplex, my hair would hold a curl a lot better and was noticeably healthier. Once I had noticed this, I switched almost completely to their hair products.

    On a daily basis I use Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner (yes, I wash my hair every day – thin hair probs). I also use Olaplex Bond Smoother to combat frizz. On a weekly basis I use Olaplex Hair Protector. This is a rinse out product that I leave in overnight to help protect my hair from damage. Especially after getting blonde babylights put in it at the end of December, it’s important to me to keep my colored hair healthy!

    Since switching, I’ve noticed more volume to my hair! It’s also become considerably softer (which is sayin’ something because I have a naturally coarse texture)!

    I highly recommend switching to these products. Or, at the very least, switching which products you are using every once and a while. Your hair gets used to certain products and won’t react like it did in the beginning!

    With Love, Marin

  • How I Cleared Up My Acne in 1 year

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Soooo I know you’ve ALL been wondering about my skincare routine (had to make that joke I’m sorry)! Seriously though, the change in my skincare routine over the last year has made all the difference in the health of my skin and my confidence.

    Your skin is affected by so much – diet, skincare products, stress, hormones and gene – that it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what the cause of your acne is. Acne and skin care management definitely is something that you approach based on the level of severity.

    At the beginning of senior year, I noticed that I was getting acne a lot more frequently than I had before. These frequent breakouts started to come closer and closer together. I felt like as soon as I cleared up one breakout, I would have another. I also began to experience cystic acne – basically painful acne that is caused by bacteri under the skin.

    Now, I wouldn’t recommend everyone to immediately to go to the dermatologist when experiencing acne, but when my acne was leaving scarring I knew it was time to go into the doctor. If you feel like 1) you cannot manage your acne 2) your acne is leaving permanent markings or 3) acne is affecting your self worth, it’s always worth a visit to the dermatologist.

    After visiting the dermatologist, I learned that in order to manage my acne I had to approach it in 2 different ways: skin care products and lifestyle choices.

    No filter (just window lighting) on how my skin currently looks

    My Current Skincare Routine – Morning

    1. I wash my face using Sensitive Skin Dermalogica Face Wash.
    2. I moisturize my face with Neutrogena Hydro-Boost Gel-Cream.

    My Current Skincare Routine – Night

    1. First, I use Smartly Makeup Wipes to remove all my makeup (these are good for sensitive skin since they are unscented).
    2. Next, I wash my face using a prescribed face wash – Sulfa Cleanse 8/4
    3. I wash my face a second time using the Sensitive Skin Dermalogica Face Wash.
    4. I moisturize my face with Neutrogena Hydro-Boost Gel-Cream.
    5. I use a small amount of prescribed anti-bacterial cream – Dapsone 5% for Cystic acne.
    6. On smaller white-heads I use “Yes to” Detoxifying Zit Zapping Dots. These draw the whitehead to the surface so that you don’t have to pop pimples and get scars!

    I exfoliate weekly using Tula’s dual-phase skin reviving treatment pads. All the products I use come from either my dermatologist, Ulta or Target.

    I made a few lifestyle changes that has also affected the reduction of my acne. First off, stress reduction!! Taking time to reduce your stress level is crucial to reducing acne (especially if it’s concentrated to your forehead – that’s a sign it could be stress induced acne). I also limit the amount of caffeine I have (I was having Starbucks 1-2 times/day when my acne was at its worst).

    My best recommendation is trial and error. It can be a long road to figuring out how to manage your acne and I KNOW it’s frustrating. Another important note is to try your best not to let your acne dictate your life. I used to not leave the house or cancel plans if I got a zit. Don’t fixate on small imperfections, I guarantee no one notices it as much as you do.

    With Love, Marin

  • Target Giveaway 12/18

    Hey, pretty girl!

    I am super excited to announce that I am part of a HUGE giveaway for the holiday season. For details on how to enter you can go to my Instagram (@marinbennerotte) or I posted the information below!

    I teamed up with @Bloggerlove_giveaways to gift one lucky winner a $500 Target gift card!! It only takes 30 seconds to enter! Here’s how:

    1️⃣G O to @Bloggerlove_giveaways on Instagram and follow them
    2️⃣L I K E the gift post!
    3️⃣F O L L O W all the accounts @Bloggerlove_giveaways is following!
    ➕Each friend tagged in their post comments is another entry➕
    ✨B O N U S share this gift on your Instagram and tag @Bloggerlove_giveaways to DOUBLE your entries ✨
    ❤️DOUBLE BONUS- Follow all the girls on app using the link in our bio!

    Promotion closes Wednesday December 25th at 8PM EST. Winner chosen at random, notified via tag, and required to email or direct message within 24 hours to claim prize. This giveaway is not affiliated with Target or Instagram.

    Good luck to everyone entering!

    With Love, Marin

  • My Favorite Hair Styling Tools

    Hey, pretty girl!

    If there is anything I’ve learned from listening to my hair stylist, it’s that what hair tool you use on your hair is just as important as what products you use to protect it. While some hair tools can be a bit of a splurge, they will ultimately last you longer and save you from hair problems.

    These are the hair styling tools I’ve been using for the last two years. They are tools that I trust on thin, prone to breakage, hair.

    Hair Dryer

    It’s no secret that Moroccan Oil is a high end hair product haven. This hair dryer comes with 3 swap-out end pieces (including a diffuser for my curly hair gals). The cool setting is my favorite part because unlike some cheaper hair dryers, you don’t have to press and hold the button to keep cool air flowing.

    Flat Iron

    Now, fair warning, do not use this straightener every day. The quality that this straightener was and how smooth it made my hair was the very reason why I used it everyday. In the long run it caused major breakage… mostly because I didn’t use heat protectant. I still use this on occasion if I’m feeling that having straight hair.

    Curling Iron

    Hot Tools creates some of the very best hair curlers – it’s probably what your hairdresser uses on you at the salon to give you those pretty post-haircut curls. If you’re not a fan of curling irons, they have wands as well. I’m aware that irons can be tricky to learn how to use, but I love that it can produce natural and formal curls.

    If any of y’all are interested in a tutorial on how I use these hair tools – vote on my Instagram story for which one you’d like to see first!

    With love, Marin

  • 2 Ways to Wear a Leather Skirt

    Look 1

    Sweater (sold out right now – add your email to the restock list) (runs big – size XS)

    Leather Skirt (TTS – Size S)

    Bralette (TTS – Size S)

    Boots (TTS)

    Look 2

    “Just a Small Town Girl” Tee (Size up if you want to tie it)

    Leather Skirt (TTS – Size S)

    Boots (TTS)

    With Love, Marin

  • Three Outfits for your GNO

    Hey, pretty girl!

    College tends to mean lots and lot of GNO’s at restaurants, the club or wandering your new city. Take on these events in something I would wear!

    From Dinner to Clubbing

    Fall Look

    Splurge Piece

    With Love, Marin

  • Halloweekend Episode 1 : TV/Movie Character Costumes


    If you’re looking for couples costumes, trendy costumes or something that generally fits your overall style – Riverdale is your best bet. These costumes can range from classy to sassy to flashy.

    Veronica Lodge : Simple black dress, pearl necklace, black heels, dark eye makeup, curled hair.

    Betty Cooper : Sweater, jeans, flats/booties/sneakers, soft makeup, pony tail.

    Cheryl Blossom : Red dress, choker, red lipstick, curled hair.

    Jughead Jones : Black tee, black jeans, flannel for waist, jean jacket, beanie.

    Archie Andrews : White tee, jeans, letterman jacket.

    Gossip Girl

    With the reboot recently announced a few months ago, this is a perfect throwback costume to reminisce our old favorite characters and celebrate the new ones to come.

    Blair Waldorf : White dress top, black skirt, high socks, flats, headband

    Chuck Bass : Full suit, dress shoes.

    Dan Humphrey : Kackis, dress shirt/casual polo, jacket over the top.


    Currently there is a major throwback to 90’s clothing. This is the perfect way to incorporate trendy clothing with a costume.

    Cher : Plaid Dress or Skirt/Blazer Set (Check Forever 21 and Target)

    Mean Girls

    This movie is basically a classic, and is perfect if you want a group costume for you and your new college besties! There are two ways you can use this movie for costumes.

    Talent Show Costume : Need a group of 4 for this one. Y’all all know the costume. To simplify it : red dress, knee high black boots, black ribbon for belt, black gloves.

    On Wednesdays We Wear Pink : Need a group of 3 (or 4) for this one. Decorate yourself a burn book and mix-match different color pinks with whites.

    With Love, Marin

  • Restoring Damaged Hair
    Hey, pretty girl! When it comes to damaged hair, I know everything about it. From ages 14 to 17, I straightened my hair close to 365 days a year because I disliked my natural wavy hair. My hair was very thin prior to straightening it, and putting heat on my hair every day was only making things worse. My hair was barely hitting my shoulders, broken off terribly everywhere and thinner than before. The summer after my junior year of high school, I decided to make a change in my hair care. The following things helped me transform my hair (and hopefully yours too)! How I took my hair from this : To this : In one year….

    Cut off all Heat Usage

    I know, not being able to change how your hair looks can be scary but I guarantee it’ll make you more confident in the long run. However, if you do have a big event and need to use heat on your hair – USE HEAT PROTECTANT. I use Living Proof Perfecting Spray directly out of the shower and work into my wet hair.

    Use Restoring Shampoo/Conditioner

    This is where I saw the majority of my hair frizziness from breakage, be reduced. If you are able to not wash your hair everyday, this also helps. However, if you’re like me and have super oily hair, buy a quality shampoo and conditioner. I use Kerastase Resistance Levels 3/4 Repair on a daily basis. While you technically only need to condition prior to shampooing, I do both to help keep the ends of my hair smooth.

    Take Biotin Gummies Daily

    I know there are lots of people who joke about Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins, but they actually work! It takes about 3 months to begin seeing results, but this helped for my hair growth. If you are already getting enough of this vitamin through your diet, you probably won’t see as drastic of results. However, most people aren’t. I buy mine on a monthly delivery through Amazon.

    Only Wear Satin Scrunchies

    This one is a biggie for girls with thin or damaged hair. Elastic hair ties cause breakage every single time you use them. This will only accelerate your breakage. Satin is soft on your hair and comes in so many cute colors, you won’t be missing out! My favorite satin scrunchies are from Ulta.

    Use a Weekly Hair-mask

    This is a general hair care tip for everyone, not just for those with breakage. Hair masks help restore nutrients to your hair and can actually help prevent breakage! These can get expensive which is why I only recommend using it weekly This is so that your hair doesn’t get used to the product and not work anymore, and you don’t rack up a big bill. I use this hair mask that matches my shampoo/conditioner set. With Love, Marin
  • Local Boutique-ing

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Recently I’ve been on a boutique binge – mostly because I hate having the exact same clothes as a million other girls. Plus, shopping at local boutiques is not only fun, but you’re supporting a local business.


    • A Bushel and a Peck
      • About
        • This store is a hidden gem! Along the downtown Rosemount strip, you can easily mistake this boutique for a classic home. The set-up of the store is open, light and features two levels. The upper level is clothing, accessorizes, bathroom scented items and shoes. The lower level consists of home decor.
      • Finds
        • Tanks
          • Cheetah Print
          • Red/White
        • Jeans
          • Flare
          • White


    • The Stash
      • About
        • This store is more of the classic boutique – a little on the smaller side but full of amazing finds. My favorite sections of their store was their wooden signs with sayings and necklaces. A lot of them contained empowering or funny sayings that would be perfect for any style.
      • Finds
        • Necklace
    • Shop Chicks
      • About
        • Shop Chicks is a spin-off of “A Bushel and a Peck.” This store had a very similar feel, but was a tad smaller. I found it much easier to find casual wear and home decor that appealed to a college level girl as opposed to their sister-store.
      • Finds
        • Sign
        • T-Shirt

    With Love, Marin

  • Transitioning to Fall

    Hey, pretty girl!

    When it comes to September, it can be tricky to figure out which season you are in. It’s 85 and sunny one day… and 45 and cloudy the next. With cold lecture halls and hot dorm rooms, what is the best way to transition to fall.

    1. Jean Jackets

    Jean jackets have a fall and spring vibe to them. They work perfect if you’re wearing white bottoms, a dress, a romper or a jumpsuit. While I personally am not a fan of denim on denim, if you can pull it off, it’s a statement.

    If it’s a hotter day and you’re attending class in cold classroom settings, tying the jean jacket around your waist is the best idea. If you get hot while outside, it’s just a fashion accessory. However, in the classroom, you can use it to keep warm.

    My Favorite Jean Jacket

    2. Neutral and Dark Colors

    With the vibrant colors of fall as leaves begin to change on the trees, neutral and dark burgundy colors are the way to go. Not only will these pieces be easy to mix-and-match in the future, but they keep you in style with whatever environment you’re in.

    My Favorite Neutral Piece

    3. Cardigans

    Layering is the key to fall, and cardigans are the coziest way to do this. Stripes and neutral tones can turn your cardigans into a fall statement piece, while grey and cream tones, specifically, can also be used into the winter months.

    Cardigans are also basically a blanket that you wear, so there is no going wrong with that 🙂

    My Favorite Cardigan

    With Love, Marin

  • Homecoming Overalls

    Hey, pretty girl!

    One of the most fun parts of senior year is Homecoming! It’s your last “causal” school dance, last big football game and one of your last chances to go crazy with school spirit.

    Last year, the Eagan Football Team had the opportunity to play the homecoming game at the Minnesota Vikings Training Facility. Upon hearing this, I knew I had to go all out. Not only was it my final homecoming game as an Eagan High School student, it was at a very nice field location (perfect for picture taking!!)

    I’ll be honest, these overalls took me approximately two weeks of work to make. Making homemade stencils for logos and lettering that I liked was probably what took the longer. And, if you want multiple colors and layers of paint, it takes a while to let things dry.

    Things you’ll need:

    • Overalls (I bought mine big so they’d fit comfortably – paint makes them feel tighter)
    • DecoArt Dazzing Metallic/Acrylic Paint
    • Tack (for handmade stencils)
    • Printer (for handmade stencils)
    • Stencils (if you opt to purchase them)
    • Painter’s Tape
    • Variety of Painting Brush Sizes
    • Cups for Paint
    • Sparkles (if you want to give the paint more of a glittery look)
    • Jewels (I bought mine from Michael’s)
    • E6000 Glue (for placing jewels)

    From here, most of the decisions are up to you. Things that I did to my overalls was…

    1. Make Hand-Made stencils by using printer paper and a tack. I then taped down the letters/shapes to paint.
    2. To get the striped effect, I used painter’s tape to make sure I got clean lines.
    3. I put jewels on every button to help make my overalls stand out a little bit more, because the buttons were a bit bland to begin with.

    The biggest thing to note is that you should NOT WASH YOUR OVERALLS after designing them. It will wreck them. Otherwise, the decisions are up to you.

    With Love, Marin

  • Wearing Up Your White

    Hey, pretty girl!

    We can thank the high end society of the 1890’s and early 1900’s for the rule on wearing white: you can wear white from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Not outside that, never outside that, big fashion no-no.

    This was a rule to help distinguish the haves, from the have-nots. Yet, it seems like some people still follow this rule that was created by a bunch of snobby millionaires over a century ago.

    Do I follow this rule? Not really, to be honest. Mostly because I LOVE THE COLOR WHITE. It’s a perfect tone for fair-skinned, redheads. However, if you do follow this fashion rule I decided the best ways for you to quickly wear up your white this Labor Day weekend with 3 outfits.

    White Dress

    White Jeans + a Tank

    White Tee + Jeans

    Have a great Labor Day weekend and enjoy this time with your family and friends! For me, it’s off to welcome week activities! I’ll give y’all a post and update on that soon!

    With Love, Marin

  • Top 3 Fall Leopard Print Pieces

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Animal print has been a major trend this last year. While snake skin has started to slither into this year’s trend, I still have heart eyes for leopard print!


    Hellooooo new fall party bodysuit! This versatile piece would look a-maz-ing with a black skirt, jeans or all by itself (just kidding, please wear pants)!! AND this piece is an easy way to turn a halloween costume into something you can wear again – just throw some cat ears with it and it’s done!


    This item is currently waitlisted and I know why! This is the softest, most darlin’ leopard print jacket on the market. And better yet – it’s true to size! I’m wearing a size small! Put your name in the email list to snag this when it goes back in stock. This cozy jacket feels like a hoodie but makes you look like a show-stopper.


    I featured these DSW shoes on my Instagram a few weeks ago and they were a MAJOR HIT, and sparked my idea for this post! Snake skin is in this fall, but leopard print will always be my favorite of the two. These shoes are more subtle, if you’re not looking to go full out on animal print. This makes them a perfect fall staple boot with all your tan/black clothing items!

  • Clothes for College

    Hey, pretty girl!

    College is fast approaching, which means its storage bin and packing up your closest season! With small rooms, closets and overall space in general, it can be tough to decide what to bring with to college!

    This list includes just the “must need” items – be sure to bring your favorite fall pieces along with this. Remember : you can always go shopping once you’re in college.

    With Love, Marin

  • Stepping up your outfit with one thing, accessories.

    Hey, pretty girl!

    When it comes to accessorizing, there are a million ways to make your outfit STAND OUT. But when it comes to successful accessorizing, there is a way of using too many accessorizes. Your best bet is to focus on one (or two) of these seven types of accessories with an outfit!


    Shoes are a great way to make a bold statement with a simple outfit. You can never go wrong with mixing bright colors with a neutral outfit, animal print with jeans and heels to dress up any outfit.

    Lovin’ these booties : patterned AND a major fall trend

    Statement Purse

    When looking for an accessory, purses that are neutral colors but also match your personality are best. Purses with tassels, designs, unique handles, woven texture and block colors always stand out against a basic outfit!

    This is my current favorite purse : woven texture, tassel AND unique handle!!


    A pop of color on your lips is a surefire way to draw attention to your face! This is especially a great accessory tip for first dates (if you’re looking to make your lips look extra fun to kiss). To find your best lipstick color look to the color of your wrist veins – blue is a cool undertone and green is a warm undertone.

    Cool undertone (what I am) : deep bluish reds, pinks and neutrals.

    Warm undertone : corals, peaches and darker neutrals.

    When it comes to lipstick, I love Tarte and Bare Minerals due to the moisturizing complex of the lipstick. I use the shade “Tutu” from Bare Minerals!


    I’ve been wanting a Brixton Fiddler Cap since the moment I tried one on in Nashville (unfortunately they were out of my size)! Not only do hats hide a bad hair day or keep you from a sunburn, they are a perfect way to complete an outfit.


    Now, sometimes accessory combos can get excessive. However, the one combo that I love is scarves and hats. It screams fall (and pumpkin spice frappuccinos)! Look for plaid, tassels and cozy scarves! Not only do they look cute, they protect you from the cool fall wind.

    I’m obsessed with this plaid scarf trend!


    Remember that undertone thing for lipstick – it works with jewelry too! If you have a cool undertone, silver jewelry compliments you best. For warm undertones, look towards gold jewelry. Unique earrings, long necklaces and layered bracelets are totally in right now!

    Lulu’s is a great way to pick up affordable and adorable jewelry pieces! Many of my homecoming/prom statement items came from this amazing online boutique!


    We’ve all seen the Gucci Belt on Instagram but what is so captivating about a seemingly simple item? I’ll tell you what. It makes or breaks an outfit. A black bodysuit and denim shorts is immediately upgraded as your eyes are drawn to the belt design.

    Now, we all can’t afford this belt but Amazon and Apricot Lane Boutique sell a variety of dupes!

    With Love, Marin

  • Country Concert Chic

    Hey, pretty girl!

    The end of summer and into fall is the time of country music! Growing up in the north, it can be difficult channeling southern country vibes for these concerts! Luckily, when I was in Nashville, I got some major style inspo!

    Below are three ways to style your way to the perfect country concert insta post. It takes on 3 different styles so that (almost) everyone can find what suits them best. I’d pick #1!

    Outfit #1 : White Lace Dress, Cowgirl Boots, Cowgirl Hat

    White Lace Dress (Similar Look)

    Cowgirl Hat (Similar Looks – I got mine at the Ryman)

    Cowgirl Boots

    Outfit #2 : Hair Scarf, Blouse, Flared Leg Jeans, Booties,

    Hair Scarf (Similar Looks)

    Blouse (In Ivory – TTS)

    Flared Leg Jeans (TTS)

    Booties (TTS)

    Outfit #3 : , Cowgirl Hat, Cami, Denim Skirt, Cowgirl Boots

    Cowgirl Hat (Similar Looks – I got mine at the Ryman)

    Cami (Size XS – runs big in the chest region)

    Denim Skirt (TTS)

    Cowgirl Boots

    Upcoming Country Concerts

    August 2nd – Willie Nelson at Target Center

    August 17th – Reba & Gone West at Treasure Island Amphitheater

    August 25th – Trace Adkins at the Minnesota State Fair (I’m going!!!!)

    September 7th – Thomas Rhett at the Xcel Energy Center

    September 28th – Luke Combs at the Xcel Energy Center

    October 4th – Jon Pardi at the Armory

    October 19th – Miranda Lambert at the Xcel Energy Center

    November 16th – Maren Morris at the Armory

    With Love, Marin

  • Pajama Try-On Haul

    Hey, pretty girl!

    I’ll be the first to admit – I love wearing athletic shorts and mix-match tees to bed. And then… I realized I would be sharing a room (and a bathroom) with people I barely knew this fall – let’s say, it was time for a PJ wardrobe update.

    For all of you girls heading to college this fall and starting the endless slumber-party that is dorm life – search no further than Target and Amazon (sizing details will be at the end).

    1. Transition PJ Set

    These Target pajamas are the cutest mauve tank/short set ever! Not only are they made of the softest material ever, it also doesn’t completely look like a pajama set. So if you’re looking to go to the laundry room or the dining hall – it’ll just look like lounge wear.

    Also, in case you haven’t heard, most dorms are constantly hot from the amount of bodies in the building. However, if there happens to be a cool evening, you can purchase these matching pajama pants to go with the set.

    2. Collared PJ Set

    If you’re looking to pretend like you have the adult-thing figured out, I highly recommended the Target collared PJ set featured on my Instagram. The material is soft on the skin and perfect if you’re looking for more coverage in your pajamas. I have it in grey and navy, but it also comes in a classic black!

    3. Collared Nightgown

    This Target nightgown has the same style as my collared pajama set, but it for the girls who like the feel of an oversized t-shirt. If you’re taller, I recommended sizing up so that you can walk to the communal bathrooms without flashing anyone!

    4. Slippers

    For lounging in a dorm room or going to a slumber party – slippers are a must! If you are using them frequently though, they need to hold up. These slippers have been recommended by SO many bloggers I follow – and let me tell you, they live up to the hype.

    I purchased the cream colored slippers in a size 9-10 (they run a tad small)!!

    5. Fuzzy Robe

    For after the shower when you just want to stay warm – this robe is so affordable and so cute! It’s on the longer side too, so you don’t have to worry about minimal coverage.

    6. Silk Robe

    If you’re looking for a robe that a) won’t make your hair frizzy and b) looks sexy, this is the robe you want! It comes in a variety of colors and is soft on your skin.

    7. Eye Mask

    For mid-day naps and when your roommate stays up late studying, eye masks are a necessity. This one from Amazon comes in so many colors (matching any girl’s style).

    Sizing Guide : I recommend getting everything in your true size… EXCEPT TARGET. Target tends to have a larger than typical sizing range – for example, I’m typically a small. I size down to an extra-small in Target clothing!


    With Love, Marin

  • Nordstrom Sale
    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0340.jpg

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Wubby Fleece Pullover

    Topstitch Twill Miniskirt

    Ivie Sneaker

    Next Level Suede Moto Jacket

    Rockstar Genuine Calf Hair Bootie

    Multi-Plaid Blanket Scarf

    Lace Midi Dress

    Fiddler Cap

    Everly Leather Swingpack

    Lace Trim Satin Camisole

  • Spicing up Basic Hair

    Hey, pretty girl!

    We all have those bad hair days where seemingly nothing can fix it. Thankfully, with the recent hair accessories trend, there is a way to cover up the frizziness, greasiness or down right basic-ness of our hair.  

    Headbands: These are the best way to hide flat and lifeless hair. It’s super easy to give your hair a bounce with a headband thrown in. Bonus : you can pull off a Blair Waldorf look. 

    Pearl Headband

    Black Fabric Headband (Marin’s Pick)

    Hair Scarves: There are two major types of hair scarves – bandana & scrunchie. I prefer the bandana scarves, as it’s easier to tighten for thin hair. Madewell has a variety of bandana options and Lulu’s has a classic black/white striped scrunchie hair scarf. The how-to on tying a bandana scarf will be on my Instagram stories!

    Madewell Bandana Scarves

    Black/White Scrunchie Scarf

    Butterfly Clips: Butterfly clips are the perfect way to add color and fun to a basic outfit. They are also one of my favorites because they hold very well even with thin hair! Whether your style is classic chic or trendy, there is a butterfly clip to go along with it. 

    Colorful Clips

    Marbled Clips

    Scrunchies: Scrunchies have made their come-back in recent years (if you’re reading this, I  love you Peter Kavinsky), and there needs no explanation why! These are way better for your hair than elastic and add a fun pop of color to your ponytail or half up/half down hairstyle. If you’re looking for Satin scrunchies to sleep in, classic neutrals or animal print, Ulta is the way to go. 

    Satin Scrunchie

    Cheetah Print Mix

    Basic Staple Scrunchies

    Hair Clips: Bobby pins/clips detailed with shapes, words, diamonds, and pearls have also been hitting the shelves at a lot of major retailers. You can find high end pieces at Revolve and Anthropologie, or opt for the classy but affordable Amazon and (in-store) Five Below dupes. 

    Amazon Pearl Clips

    Pearl Barette

    Flower Bobby-Pin Set

    With Love, Marin


  • Cute & Affordable Swimmies

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Swimmie season is in full swing – which means stocking up for the year to come (especially for us Minnesota winter vacationers)! However, when it comes to swimsuits, there is always one thing I detest: buying ones that only last a single summer. Whether it be pilling, faded colors or ruined elastic, nothing is more annoying than spending money on something that doesn’t get good use out of it. 

    I’ll be honest, I’ve been buying up the Target swim section for the last three years in a row. And, while I love their styles and prices, there is a reason why I’ve had to buy new ones EVERY SINGLE YEAR. So this year, I decided I would be adventurous and extend beyond my typical Target swimmie haul. But y’all, in my search, I found that it is so hard to find a cute top/bottom combo that isn’t over $100. 

    Fortunately, in my search, I found these two stores – Red Dress Boutique and Lulu’s! With a multitude of style options – high waisted bottoms, one-pieces, wrap-top bikinis, belted and velvet AND many fun color options, I rounded up some of the best (and most affordable) swimmies on the market. 

    Red Dress Boutique: For bathing suits ranging from $40-$60 (even with a top/bottom combo), I was highly impressed by the quality of these swimmies. The material is soft, has not started to pill or lose color, and flatters your body shape! Their stuff tends to sell out fast, so make sure you buy something if you like it. I purchased a small in both the top/bottom high-waisted stripe bikini and the tropical print one-piece. I did not purchase a belted one-piece, but if you’re in for this trend – Red Dress would be the best place to get it from!

    Pink Stripe Bikini Top (Marin’s Pick)

    Pink Stripe Bikini Top with Pom-Poms

    Pink Stripe Bikini Bottoms (Marin’s Pick)

    Tropical Print One Piece

    Black Belted One-Piece

    Lulu’s (10% off with UNiDAYS College Rewards): Their website STUNNED me with the amount of different style options to stay fashionable and trendy by the pool. While their bathing suit combos are typically more in the $70-$80 range, they are well worth a tad extra money – especially since UNiDAYS (the college-savings app) gives you a 10% off coupon for Lulu’s 24/7! For Lulu’s, I typically size down to an extra-small, but I recommend you keep your typical size in the bikini top as they run small. Also WARNING : the wrap bikini is so stinkin’ cute in royal blue but the bottoms they have linked DO NOT match. Please, do yourself a favor and purchase the black pair to go with it!

    Floral Print Bikini Top

    Floral Print Bikini Bottom

    Velvet Bikini Top & Bottoms

    Coral Wrap Bikini Top

    Coral Wrap Bikini Bottom

    Now, go rock the rest of your summer with trendy swimmies that won’t break the bank!

    With Love, Marin

  • Your Fourth of July Fashion Guide

    Hey, pretty girl!

    Fourth of July is coming up next week, which means you’re probably frantically searching for your best red/white/blue apparel. Look no farther than this post for your 7/4 fashion inspo! I’ve rounded up the best beach, athleisure, semi-casual, and dressy patriotic wear. If you’re just looking for an accessory, pop to the bottom of this post!

    Beach Wear: For those of you hitting the lake or beach this 4th, it’s always more fun to throw on patriotic swimwear. In general, Red Dress Boutique, Target, and Abercrombie have tons of great (and affordable) options. My two personal pics would be the Chasing The Sun Navy Stripe Bikini Set from Red Dress Boutique or this Knot-Front One Piece from Abercrombie.

    Chasing The Sun Navy Stripe Bikini Top

    Chasing the Sun Navy Stripe Bikini Bottom

    Knot-Front One-Piece

    Athleisure: If you’re looking for some patriotic work-out gear or just want to be comfy (I do not blame you), then this two-piece set is perfect for you! While it is a bit on the spendy side,  this set will last you beyond the 4th as the pattern is quick subtle.

    Bowie Crop Tank Top

    Cara Leggings

    Semi-Casual: My semi-casual is the classic girl’s response to, “what are you wearing?” : a nice top and jeans. Last year, this is the type of outfit I opted for. My top was from American Threads, and while it’s sold out now, I linked a similar look!  

    Open Shoulder Flounce Trim Striped Top

    White Mountain Leather Sandal

    Wallflower Skinny Jeans

    Dressy: Finally, for the major fashionistas out there, I crafted the most perfect 7/4 show-stopper outfit (showcased in the picture up top)! The Lulu’s Stellar Blue and White Striped Off-The-Shoulder Midi Dress is perfect for bonfires, firework-watchin’, and boat rides. I paired this dress with white cork wedges and to add a pop of red, I wore Covergirl’s Katy Kat lipgloss in shade ninth life. You can also add a pair of red heart sunglasses from Amazon to top it off.

    Stellar Blue and White Striped Off-The-Shoulder Midi Dress

    Covergirl Katy Kat Lipgloss

    Cork heels in tan (same style as the ones I wore but different color – mine sold out)

    Cork heels in white

    Accessories: If you’re looking for just a small pop of patriotic colors I rounded up this hair scarf (available in store only) and flip-flops from Old Navy. They are both super affordable and easy options for tying in red/white/blue to your everyday clothing items!

    Flag Handkerchief (Tie around neck or wear as a hair scarf)

    Flag Flip-Flops

    If you’re using my Lulu’s, Red Dress Boutique or Nordstrom recs – Be sure to TWO-DAY SHIP!

    Whatever style you go for this 4th, enjoy celebrating 243 years of America!

    With Love, Marin