Custom Design Mugs/Beer Can Glasses

Hey, pretty girl!

I’d love for you to fill out this form so that I can get to work on your custom design! Price information and purchase process is listed below.

3 glass options: Round Mug, Square Mug or Beer Can Glass (just the glass – $6)

Design options: One Large Shape ($16), Repeated Shape Design ($16), Word/Name Design ($17), Design with Words/Name Added ($18), Other Custom Design (TBD).

Add-ons: Colored Vinyl (+$3 to any design)

Shipping: Ranges between $4-$7

Purchase Process:

Step 1: Fill out the form below or direct message me the information below @marinbennerotte on Instagram.

Step 2: I will message you back with an outline/design pattern for your product.

Step 3: If you approve of my design outline, I will venmo request you for the product cost (including shipping cost).

Step 4: Once the product is complete and I receive the payment, I will ship out the product to you!

Another note on shipping: If you are able to pick up the item at the University of St. Thomas campus in St. Paul, Minnesota, you will not need to pay shipping costs and will be able to pick up your item from me.