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  • "Love somebody who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara."

    Hey, pretty girl!

    When I asked what y’all wanted to see more of in 2020, I got quite a few responses of “relationship advice.” The other day when I was doing my makeup, a Runaway Jane song came on my phone. This country group is known for their female empowerment songs but this one – “Lipstick” – really spoke to me.

    So often women are told that love is “supposed to hurt sometimes.” But love shouldn’t hurt. And the analogy of how a man affects your makeup is a really good way to put this.

    If he ruins your mascara – drop him. But if he ruins your lipstick …. now that’s just him doing his job.

    I think it’s time to change the phrase that love hurts sometimes. Love isn’t easy, by any means, but if it hurts then it isn’t the right love. And your person will “fall right outta the blue,” because “he’s out there looking for you.”

    With Love, Marin

  • "He's Chasin' Me"

    Hey, pretty girl!

    My favorite pastime is pulling up the Apple Music top country playlist and hitting shuffle. Using this method, I have found my all time favorite songs and artists that I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.

    During one of my music searching sessions this week I came across a song by an artist I hadn’t heard of before – “Chasin’ Me” by Caroline Jones. Upon hearing the lyrics of this song, I was immersed in the accuracy and relatability of the lyrics.

    I am a strong believer that if someone wants a relationship with you, they will make a conscious effort to get close to you. They will not give up (no matter how many times you left them on read..whoops, my bad…but I like you now so take a hint).

    It seems impossible or unrealistic at times to believe there is someone out there perfect for you AND willing to give you the love you deserve. This leads a lot of people to just settle.

    “They will change eventually.” “I wish they were just a little more like me.” “It drives me crazy when they do (insert something).” “They don’t give me the attention I want, but it’s good enough.”

    All of the above comments are signs that you are not in the right relationship. If you don’t feel like your partner is 100% your person, then don’t hold onto them. There will be someone more right and more deserving of your love.

    Make your person chase you. But, more importantly, chase him too.

    “But now I’m the one who’s losin’ my cool. And butterflies make me feel like a fool. I’ve always been the one in control. But that boy just does something to my soul.

    He’s chasin’ me.”

    With Love, Marin

  • 2020 Vision

    Hey, pretty girl!

    I love the feeling of a new year, it always gives me a clean state to get a jump start on my goals. I’m not a huge new year’s resolution gal, but I do like to make a list of my goals for the upcoming year! (I bet you can guess what one of my goals was for this year-hint:this website). But this year, it’s time for not only a new year but a NEW DECADE.

    This decade could be filled with SO many life changing events for me as I go into my 20’s and I am excited. While I’m praying for some 1920’s revival fashion, I’m awestruck that the next 10 years could be when I graduate from college, secure my career, meet my future husband or bring life into this world. While that is slightly terrifying, it’s thrilling to think about! Going into this decade I was only in third grade! And y’all, that feels like yesterday…time only moves quicker too.

    Since 7 is my favorite number (past softball number), I wrote down 7 goals for each of the following categories.

    My 2020 Blog Vision

    • Acceptance to RewardStyle
    • Publish 40 blog posts
    • Post 200 photos to Instagram
    • Get a brand deal/collaboration
    • Double Instagram followers
    • Attend a local blogger event
    • Make money off of blogging

    My 2020 Vision

    • Work on positive self talk
    • Create healthy relationships
    • Have the best second semester everrr
    • Make some $$$$
    • Love with my whole heart
    • Donate some clothes/shoes
    • Read and listen more

    My 2020’s Vision

    • Graduate with honors
    • Get into law school
    • Secure my dream job and help others
    • Create forever friendships (or relationships)
    • Become a mom (God willing)
    • Live in every moment
    • Be myself

    With Love, Marin

  • Recap of 2019

    Hey, pretty girl!

    For my recap of 2019, I decided to show it in photos. I would’ve never guessed a year ago how different I would be today because of 2019. From speech team to graduation to college life, 2019 was one for the books. Here we go…

    Joined speech (best decision of my life) and found my home on the info team! Highlights were quarter finals at Harvard and 11th place at NIETOC.
    Traveled to Nashville for spring break and explored the city I want to call home someday (Vanderbilt law school???)
    Did prom the right way – aka with the besties – and killed my feet in 5 inch heels.
    Graduated alongside my best friends and achieved my lifelong goals of graduating valedictorian and the ability to speak at graduation.
    Partied it up all night at the class of 2019 overnight party – aka played ping pong for way too many hours and ate TONS of junk food. First of much junk food because… grad parties.
    Moved on to the next chapter (college baby 🤪) with my besties and I going in 3 different directions… ready to make some new besties to add to the squad.
    Met my roommate aka my BEST FRIEND. The Honors LLC at St. Thomas did me well with the friend market.
    Road on a riverboat through STAR programming, hijacked the music & danced on the dance floor because no one else was.
    Got voted in as a student government senator and met 2 more of my good friends! Little did I know we’d be going to a casino together soon 😉
    TOJO 2019!!!!! Who cares if we lost? Tommies still do it best, am I right?! Also football boys are cute sooo really just went to the game to see them.
    ANOTHER football game – same reasoning as the previous but this time it left my body completely frozen.
    Partying it up with my mf gals all semester!! Can’t wait for second semester 😉

    2020 – Bring it On.

    With Love, Marin

  • Motivation for your Monday: Episode 4

    Hey, pretty girl!

    I was struggling to think of topic for this Monday. Typically, I jump on a concept that is currently nagging at my mind, but I honestly could not find something… UNTIL I was messaging my college friends while hanging with my high school ones.

    In that moment, I realized how incredibly blessed I am to have two great friend groups full of people who love and support me. Six years ago, I definitely would not have thought this would be my reality. Middle school, for me, was a time where I had truly felt like I didn’t fit in. Now here I was, surrounded by people accepting of who I’ve become.

    Friends are second family. Having great friends is truly something that is a blessing to be grateful for. However, having great friends who support you no matter what, are ever better.

    This got me thinking… what if we were all each other’s friends? What if we all treated each other with the kindness and respect that we give to our friends?

    Conclusion : this world would be a lot less cruel, dark and hateful.

    Now, you’re going to say to me, “but what about the people who I CANNOT be friends with.” I challenge yourself to understand why they behave the way that makes you unable to be their friend.

    Situation #1 : The toxic friend who causes detriment to your mental health.

    Situation #2 : The friend who is not being a friend for reasons that you may be unaware of.

    Obviously, these are not the only two scenarios when it comes to friends. However, it is important to acknowledge the distinction between these two friend behaviors. In the case of the second, we must understand to be empathetic of those around us.

    Keep the following quote in mind when determining between the two situations :

    And I’ll leave you with this – let’s be friends. Reach out to me and I’ll be here. It’s our job to be each other’s support, regardless of how well you know each other now. There is always the potential to GET TO KNOW each other.

    With Love, Marin