All On the Same Road Home

Hey, y’all!

It has been a while. Life got the best of me and I didn’t make the time to write. I am taking a break from studying this summer prior to law school, and focusing on my creative outlets. My favorite way to get back in the groove of creative thinking is finding a song on the radio that I resonate with, and breaking down the lyrics into a meaningful blog post. Usually, it’s Kelsea Ballerini who sparks my deepest thoughts, but Tenille Townes managed to catch my attention this time with a song from her new EP album.

I pasted the lyrics to the first two verses and the chorus below. My comments on the lyrics can be found beneath those. I also highly recommend clicking the song title to hear Tenille Townes sing the lyrics. Her voice is so unique and I am obsessed with it.

Same Road Home by Tenille Townes

Born to runners, lonely lovers
Tumbleweeds on a long highway
Lost believers, broken dreamers
Morning coffee at a Super 8
Asking why, why, why
Is it just blood in this heart?
Is it just sky in the sky?

Ain’t we all just looking for answers
The ones that that nobody knows
Ain’t we all just dying to feel like
We’re not made to be all alone
There’s a million different ways to go
But we’re all on the same road home
Mm, yeah

I don’t know your soul or story
And you haven’t walked a mile in my shoes
But I bet if I was falling, you’d catch me
And damn straight I’d do the same for you
And not think twice, twice, twice
‘Cause there’s love in this heart
And there’s stars in the sky

Wow. The Christian roots are running deep through this song. Most of us can see ourselves in all of the descriptions of the first verse. Sometimes we are the tumbleweeds, not knowing where God is taking us, and sometimes we are those born to runners, chasing a path we might not understand yet. In all of these times, it can be so easy to start asking “why.”

It is human to crave knowledge and want to know the answer to everything. However, we weren’t created, and it’s actually incapable for us, to know every answer. When life gets hard, everything can start to feel empty and meaningless, much like the lyrics at the end of the first chorus. However, when we are reminded of all the good things that we’ve done, and others have done onto us, the world takes on a sense of fullness. This fullness comes from God’s agape love that we receive and can pass on to others.

Is it just blood in this heart?

Is it just sky in the sky?

‘Cause there’s love in this heart

And there’s stars in the sky

All of our lives are going to look incredibly different. God created us each for different paths and purposes. Even though “there’s a million different ways to go, we’re all on the same road home” to Him. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

With Love, Marin

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