SBL #6: Candy Store

Hey, pretty girl!

The next place on the summer bucket list that Jack and I went to is #6, Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store. Obviously, for y’all in different states, this one may be a bit out of reach. However, most downtown areas or malls have at least one candy store for you to check out with your S.O. or friends this summer! Some quick information about the location, cost, ratings, and more is below. For more detailed information (and photos of the location) keep scrolling past the pink section.

Location: Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store in Jordan, Minnesota

Cost: Bring $30-$50 in cash for purchases (they don’t take credit/debit)

Jack’s Rating: 9/10

In an area that seems nothing like Minnesota, comes a big yellow golf ball. You drive up thinking, wow that’s a really big eyesore, but then you go inside and it’s an entirely different world. Each room is a different cinematic experience, with candy as far as the eye can see, along with soda, pasta, pasteries and even Turkish Delight. I’d highly recommend visiting this place but make sure to bring friends or a date, it makes the experience that much better. Although the candy store is the main attraction, be sure to check out the bathrooms!

Marin’s Rating: 7.5/10

I’m ranking this date a 7.5 because while it was super fun to explore and was an incredibly cool location (and see Jack’s reaction to all the fun candies), it was ultimately not my favorite date location. I would’ve ranked the location higher if it was a shorter drive and if we would’ve had time to stop somewhere else in Jordan to enjoy the candy we picked out together. The half a point was for their bathrooms (they were insanely cool).

This date is for… those with a sweet tooth.

Kissability: 3/10

Quick Tip: Check the sticker price of all the items of the product you want to buy. Sometimes the prices are cheaper on one and the cashier uses that sticker amount to calculate your total.

Jack’s Quick Tip: The parking lot gets very hot in the sun – either park in the shade or cool your car before getting inside.

You cannot miss this bright yellow sign and building coming down the highway! I’ve drove past this candy store plenty of times before, but I’d never stopped to check it out. Jack is a candy connoisseur and was missing the candy store in his college town, so we decided to head here and check it out!

From the moment you walk into the store, you get the *kid in a candy store* feeling. The bright colors and movie characters make the inside of the building such an exciting environment. My favorite room was the first room to the right of the entrance room. It had fairytale characters and a tower for Rapunzel (my favorite Disney princess and I are pictured below). Jack took a picture next to Iron Man and it made him look tiny (he’s 6’6 so this figure was MASSIVE)! Walking around the store once to take it all in was the smartest choice we could’ve made because it allows you to appreciate all of the creativity before delving into the candy buying.

As you can see in the photo on the left, this store does not only sell candy! They sell everything from meat to soda to bakery items to cheese curds to pasta… etc etc. Their items are so unique and that’s what makes the experience so much fun! Definitely plan on spending at least $30 if you drive to Jordan from the Twin Cities, because you probably won’t want to make that drive multiple times over the summer.

The bathrooms at this location were a hidden gem. Jack had gone into the men’s room and sent me a text that the bathrooms were insanely nice so, naturally, I decided to head in and check them out. There is a basket filled with lollipops, striped colorful walls, puzzles put together to form paintings, and great lighting for mirror selfies.

The Ferris wheel and yard of the bubblegum area by the checkout were absolutely adorable. It made the room feel like a small, personal circus. The items that Jack and I decided on buying at the candy store was Turkish Delight (9/10), Fruit Gems (12/10), GooGoo Cluster (8/10), Mars Bar (8/10), Maple Creme Cookies (40000/10), Milka Strawberry Chocolate Bar (9/10), Apple Strudel (lmao we didn’t get to taste it), Zotz (10/10), and Yacht Club Soda (8/10). f you end up going to this location, please share your recommendations on the candy you bought!

With Love, Marin

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