SBL #5: Zoo

Hey, pretty girl!

I’m super excited to start the summer bucket list date series off. The first place on the list that Jack and I went to is #5 on the bucket list, the zoo. Some quick information about the location, cost, ratings, and more is below. For more detailed information (and photos of cute animals :)) keep scrolling past the pink section.

Location: Como Zoo in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Cost: FREE

Time Needed: 2 hours

Jack’s Rating: 8/10

If the weather would’ve been less hot, I’d give the zoo a better tanking. It was an enjoyable experience, especially getting to see some uncommon animals! Being there with Marin is what made the experience so much better though!

Marin’s Rating: 8/10

I am giving the Como Zoo an 8/10 for a summer date location. This location is great for saving some money since there is no entrance fee. Jack and I both agreed that it is probably the best “free” date we will go on all summer. I loved the ability to go on an adventure close by, but also have the ability to still hold hands and kiss Jack every now and then 🙂 The only thing I wasn’t a huge fan of was how busy the zoo was, especially for a random Tuesday afternoon. I also wish I would’ve packed us some food since the prices were extremely high.

This date is for… the animal lovers.

Kissability: 7/10

Quick Tip: Food is really overpriced here. I’d recommend either bringing a good amount of cash if you plan on eating a full meal or bring snacks/bottled water for the day.

Outfit Details

In order to go to Como Zoo for a date, you’ll need to make a reservation online. The tickets are free but they are limiting the number of people who enter the zoo every 15 minutes. I recommend making a reservation a day in advance so that you can be sure there will be times available. I also recommend picking a day where it won’t be extremely hot. There are inside exhibits but you will be outside for the majority of the time and it gets miserable when it’s hot.

I’m going to give a detailed rundown of what Jack and I did while we were at the zoo, giving you some info on what to make sure you do and what to avoid. First, when you arrive at the zoo, there is free parking in every lot but the lot that is closest to the entrance is the Palm Lot. After going through the entrance, the first exhibit we visited was the bird exhibit. The bird exhibit is seasonal but currently has flamingos. The next exhibit we visited was the tropical encounters exhibit inside the visitor center. I recommend spreading out the 5 indoor buildings during your time at the zoo so that you can take a break from the heat.

The tropical encounters exhibit was our favorite (so you might want to save it for last). There are turtles and freshwater stingrays in a tank, as well as an adorable sloth at the end of the path. Instead of going to the primate exhibit next, since it’s indoors, I recommend going right out of the visitor center and following the path towards Como Harbor. Como Harbor is recently updated and houses the sea lions and the new restaurant location. From Como Harbour, there is an easy loop path to follow with a few indoor buildings to step into, whenever you’re feeling too overheated.

On your way back from the loop, it’s the perfect time to stop in for refreshments and food at Como Harbor, if you want to spend the extra money. Otherwise, I’d recommend heading to the primates and then to the visitor center to exit via the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory.

You can skip the conservatory at the end, but I’d highly recommend you check it out! The indoor rooms may be humid, but they are full of beautiful flowers, plants and trees. There are also some surprises in there such as a Koi pond and Bonsai trees. On the walk out of the conservatory, if you continue to follow the path, you will find the enchanted garden and the frog pond. Both are a really romantic and relaxing way to end your date at the zoo!

With Love, Marin

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