Fetch Rewards

Hey, pretty girl!

This is for all my shoppers out there (even if you only shop for essentials like groceries and gas) who want to save some money by keeping their receipts! Jack showed me this new app called “Fetch.” This app helps you earn some free money simply by shopping and scanning your receipts.

Each receipt on its own is worth 25 points (equivalent to 25 cents). You can also earn extra points by getting referred by someone (2,000 points earned when you scan your first receipt after being referred) and by buying certain products!

Once you earn free money starting at only 3,000 points. There are gift cards to almost every store you can imagine ranging from $3 (3,000 points) to $50 (50,000 points). It’s an easy way to make “free” money and spend it at your favorite places!

You can use my referral code M6XGXN when you join the app for a FREE 2000 POINTS when you scan your first receipt.

With Love, Marin

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