Little Moments – March #1 2021

Hey, y’all!

This week has just been SO good! Loving Jesus and living out God’s word in everyday life makes the smallest moments the best moments. I decided I’m going to start my weekly wrap-ups again, but I want them to be more centered on little moments than only fashion (not to say that my moments won’t include some of that too).

There is nothing better than starting off a Monday morning with a great breakfast. Y’all, get yourself one of those mini waffle makers from Target (you will NOT regret it). I also recommend mixing maple syrup & honey and heating it in the microwave to put on your waffles.

I wore my new clothing items from Forever 21. I haven’t bought new clothes in a long time so it was SO fun to put on a new outfit and wear it to work!

I bought myself some flowers at Whole Foods and put them in the vase Jack gave me for Valentine’s Day. These roses were the prettiest ombre of pink and orange!!

Tuesday was so warm out (God Bless) and it’s my chill day of the week so I got all dressed up in a romper! Tuesday night is also connection night for Salt Company and we had so many good talks about God and ate all the yummy snacks.

Tony’s message at Salt Company tonight was so needed! Definitely exposed sin but revealed so many great things about God and Jesus.

Chick-fil-a is my favorite food. Hands down. No debate. I went to Target and got myself some Chick-fil-a after. If y’all don’t “know yourself” I recommend taking some time just for you during the week. When you get to know and love yourself, life is so much fun.

I love adventuring with this boy. We checked out the cutest local chocolate/coffee/bakery shop in downtown Menomonie (Legacy Chocolate’s). (P.s I told him to smile and he did this instead)

This was the breakfast from Legacy!! The yummiest breakfast sandwich and chai latte combo.

Such a great meal celebrating this one’s 21st 🙂 I’m so incredibly lucky.

With Love, Marin

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