It’s the Road that Makes the Ride

All you “dead-end boys,” “breakdown girls,” “burned-out believers” and those of you who feel like all you do is “spin your wheels,” this one is for you.

I haven’t wrote on my faith for a long time, and there is a reason for that. I, unfortunately, got back into a routine that didn’t include my faith as much as I would’ve liked it to. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been focused on returning to reading my Bible, attending online sermon and praying. I had felt a lot less anxious and enjoyed life a lot more than I had in a long time.

The funny thing about faith, however, is that not all times are that simple. After a rough week, I had been struggling on what to write, but when I hit shuffle on my music this morning, I knew exactly what I needed to share with y’all. Combining my knowledge from last week’s sermon and “The Ride” by Hailey Whitters, I want to speak on those rough days/weeks/months that we all experience.

“Some days, you’re on a full tank

Sometimes, you’re runnin’ on fumes”

There are days where it feels like we’re so strong that nothing could mess with our positive attitude. And then there are the days that the smallest of things lead to a, collapse on your knees, prayer. While many of us prefer to avoid the latter, those days are the ones that test our faith and our strength. On the days you feel like you’re running low because you are “all on your own,” take a second to acknowledge that you are never alone. God is always with you, and is there to pick you up when you slip on your faith journey or life in general.

“Thinkin’ you’re all out of pavement

Like it’s the end of the world”

This lyric definitely hits close to home for those of us with anxiety or perfectionism. When something occurs that wasn’t in your original plan, it may seem like everything is ending. The truth is, you don’t get to stick to a plan, because you are not the one writing your own story like we are so often told. Thankfully, we aren’t writing our own stories, because if we were our lives would not be as beautiful as God had intended. Your story that you try to write for yourself will never be as good as the one God already wrote for you.

“Might be hard to see it through the tears

But you still got a lot of good in your good-years”

In the moments where there are challenges or struggles, it can be hard to see what good will come of it. It may seem like there is nothing good left to come for you when all appears to be going bad. It is easy to give up and slip into old habits and fall away from your faith in these times. It takes strength to lean on God and your other support systems during these times, not weakness.

“But it’s the stars that make the night

It’s the low that makes the high

It’s the love that makes the life

It’s the road that makes the ride”

The truth is, these challenges and hard moments are what make the easy, simple and beautiful moments so much better. We appreciate the light in the darkness so much more than we would appreciate endless light. Those “low” moments are what shape us to appreciate and truly experience those “high” moments fully. Our lives aren’t intended to be a linear sloping line to justification. God intends for us to slip, but never fall from our faith. This path of maturity to justification is what makes us each unique.

With Love, Marin

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