Tiny Love Stories

Hey, pretty girl!

I recently purchased a book on Amazon called “Tiny Love Stories: True Tales of Love in 100 Words or Less.” This book contains short stories of all kinds of love and will totally make your heart melt. I decided I’m going to share my tiny love story and invite y’all to share your love stories too in the comment section (remember, keep it short and sweet)!! I’m all for romanticizing your life so please give your piece a title.

Butterflies in my Stomach & Fireflies in the Prairie

When the butterflies in my stomach first appeared, there was a tedious familiarity present – deja vu. They are the kind of butterflies that stick around for every season, even facing bitter cold and hurricane winds to keep me company. And then came the fireflies. Unlike the butterflies, the fireflies don’t stick around for long. Their nighttime illumination of the prairie stuck around just long enough to remind me that these moments now are just a brief flicker of the millions of lifetimes our souls have spent together. Maybe the fireflies will stick around for longer sometime, to tell us hushed whispers of our lifetimes together before this. But for now, the endless butterflies in my stomach will have to suffice.

With Love, Marin

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