Make a Vision Board Wall for less than $35

Hey, pretty girl!!

This year, I’ve been obsessed with following all of the Tik Tok trends. While vision boards are not a new concept, I loved the new spin on utilizing Pinterest photos in the vision boards. I typically set goals for myself during the year, but wanted to switch it up for 2021 since many of my goals are intangible. Thankfully, I still had one empty wall in my apartment that I’ve been waiting to decorate. Having these vision boards in my daily sightline was important to me, so I decided to turn this empty wall into my short-term and long-term vision board wall.

Below I included the collages I created for my vision board (all pictures obtained from Pinterest). If these boards also inspire you, and you’d like to download them at the appropriate size for a 8.5 x 11 inch frame, please subscribe to my blog and I’ll email them to you! Refer to the steps below to make your vision board wall for less than $35!!

STEP 1: Save Pinterest images that inspire you to a photo folder on your phone. I decided to split up my photos in 3 groups (from left to right) – from my 2021-2025 goals, 2025-2030 goals and 2030+ goals. I am a planner, so having multiple vision boards with multiple aesthetics made the most sense for me.

STEP 2: Open Canva. Utilize the pixels of 2550 X 3300 to create a collage that will come out clear for an 8.5 x 11 inch frame.

STEP 3: Upload your images to Canva and organize your collage!! I decided to put one image in the center of each vision board, without any other images overlapping it, that was most inspiring to me.

STEP 4: Order these frames! ‘

STEP 5: Have your photos printed at Walgreens. Use the 40% off code “YOURGIFT40” to receive 40% off the printing price.

STEP 6: Place your collages in the frames, hang on the wall and get inspired every day when you see them!

With Love, Marin

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