5 Style Tips To Feel Your Best This Year

Hey, pretty girl!

One of my goals for 2021 is to post a blog post every single day (yep, that’s right – daily). Since the original inspiration for my blog was entirely centered around fashion, there was no better way to start off my blog posts than with a few overall fashion tips for the year.Just for a little fun, at the end of each one of my posts, I’m going to randomly give a little insight into myself so y’all can get to know me better!

1.Don’t follow every trend.

This one is a tough one for many people. Whenever a new trend appears, everyone seems to rush into buying and wearing it. The trend eventually crashes and burns, and you’re left with a “worthless” wardrobe. Instead, I suggest following the trends that suit your style best. For example, I LOVE the schoolgirl trend on other girls (it looks so cute and I love that it’s a trend), however, I personally know that the trend isn’t my style and doesn’t fit my personality. Don’t waste money on items that you can’t heavily incorporate with clothes you already have or your desired style.

2. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

The easiest way to elevate any look is with some accessorizes. My favorite accessory is a purse! Quarantine has made this a bit difficult, since there are not too many places I’m going that I actually need to bring a purse with me. Accessories don’t need to be classic items such as jewelry, a purse or belt though. Accessorizing can include items such as shoes or a pretty detailing on one item of your clothing. While there is such a thing as having too many accessories, adding 2-3 accessories to a look can immediately elevate your style and confidence level.

3. Plan out your outfits.

If you find yourself constantly wearing the same outfits or pair of sweatpants (me 24/7 since March), the best way to get out of the habit and start feeling your best is planning your outfits ahead of time. While it may motivate you to plan a week in advance, I typically plan my outfits the night before. If you change your mind frequently, I suggest pulling the items off of hangers so that it makes it more difficult to put away and change your mind the next morning. This style tip definitely helps the motivation to wear the cute clothing items you have, instead of wearing the same old pjs (nothing wrong with this, but I find a much higher confidence level when I’m wearing stylish clothes).

4.Use others for inspiration!

One word – Pinterest. Pinterest is my go-to for all things fashion inspiration. If you want to accomplish a specific aesthetic or need outfit ideas for a specific event, Pinterest is awesome for gaining some inspiration! While I don’t suggest using this inspiration as a means to purchasing specific items, it is a great way to look at an image and utilize the clothing items you already have to create a similar look.

5. When in doubt, overdress.

Finally, if you’re not sure what to wear, it’s better to overdress than underdress. Some people may disagree with me on this, but I always feel much better when I overdress for an event than when I underdress. Plus, overdressing can leave you feeling more confident and stylish than those around you (helping you feel your best). My go-to outfit is ALWAYS a dress. Dresses are more comfortable for me and it’s so easy to bring a jean jacket to dress down a fancier dress.

What are your favorite style tips?

With Love, Marin

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