Midterm Exam Preparation

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There can be a lot of anxiety around your first set of college exams (or any time after that…). It can be difficult to know what to expect and how to prepare. I remember being up very late in the library studying last year for my first set of final exams. I was jittery off of coffee and stressed to the hilt. To help ease some of your worries, I’m going to share how I’ve prepared in order to get an A on every one of my midterm/final exams. These 5 tips and tricks may not work for everyone, but it’s definitely worth giving a try.

Tip #1: Don’t get behind on lectures.

This is a big one right now. With lecture videos, it can be easy to skip ahead to the portions of the video that are “graded,” but if you didn’t actually watch the video you will be in trouble! The basis of learning all starts with the material you’re supposed to know. Take the time to keep up with your lectures and work ahead if you know you’re going to be busy on a certain night. This will help keep you on pace with the course.

Tip #2: Make study guides after each lecture.

After hand writing all the notes from the lecture (super important cause it transfers the info to your brain), be sure to analyze your notes and highlight what’s important. After this, I type up a study guide on each lecture. This includes a question and answer format where I can use a piece of paper to cover the answer when I’m studying, so that I learn the material.

Tip #3: Keep your lecture study guides organized.

Get a binder and a 3 hole punch!! Printing and organizing lectures in a binder by subject and date help to keep all your notes in one location throughout the semester. It can be very stessful to try and go back at midterms and finals and find out where you put your old quizzes, notes and homework. Keeping it all in one place speeds up the prep time for studying. This binder can also be saved at the end of the semester for future courses that are similar to the base ones you took.

Tip #4: Start studying over a week in advance.

This and tip #5 go hand in hand. If you split up your studying, you won’t be as stressed AND will probably know the material better. Each time you study, the sessions should go quicker because it will become more of a review and less of re-learning the material from the study guides.

Tip #5: Don’t cram the night before the exam.

This is an obvious one, but don’t do it. Seriously, don’t. You’ll be so tired that you’ll forget things that you would’ve know without even studying.

Good luck on your midterms coming up!!

With Love, Marin

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