31 Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey, pretty girl!

It’s the beginning of October, which means it’s time to start planning Halloween costumes. While you shouldn’t host or attend any parties this year, it’s still fun to get dressed up. I compiled a list of some simple Halloween costumes (couples costumes, friend group costumes and solo costumes) for this year!


1.Elle Woods

2. Cruella De Vil

3. Heather

4. Scarecrow

5. Pirate

6. VS Angel

7. Mermaid

8. Devil

9. Lifeguard

10. Cowgirl


11. Barbie and Ken

12. Meg and Hercules

13. Tooth Fairy and Dentist

14. Lilo and Stitch

15. Sully and Boo from Monsters, Inc.

16. Mermaid and Sailor

17. Peter Pan and Wendy Darling

18. Shark Boy & Lava Girl

19. Hunter and Deer

20. Fleur Delacour and Victor Krum


21. Scooby Gang

22. M & M’s

23. Powerpuff Girls

24. White Claws

25. Mamma Mia

26. Hocus Pocus

27. The Heathers

28. Mean Girls

29. Clueless

30. All the Taylor Swifts


And for #31, I’m going to be sharing my costume for this year! I’m going as Sandy from Grease.

This is the look I’m going for. I linked all the products I purchased for this costume below.

With Love, Marin

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