Navigating the Dining Hall

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When it comes to college, there is something that a lot of students are worried about… the freshman fifteen. While weight gain should in no way be your biggest concern, health and wellness have never been more important!

Especially when it comes to fall/winter months, it can be very easy to forget (or become unmotivated) regarding your eating habits. Knowing how to navigate the dining order is one of the simplest ways to keep in control.

I laid out a plan for outlining your meals and eating habits. With that said, you know your body best. You should never let yourself feel hungry and adjust based on your body type!


Protein : Oatmeal, Eggs, or Yogurt

Carbohydrates : Fruits or Whole Wheat Bread

Fats : Cheese, Nuts or Eggs

Meal : Breakfast Sandwich (Egg, Cheese, Meat, Bread) and Bowl of Fruit


Protein : Chickpeas, Deli Meat or Quinoa

Carbohydrates : Lettuce, Other Vegetables or Whole Wheat Bread

Fats : Avocado, Nuts, Cheese or Hard-Boiled Egg

Meal : Mixed Greens Salad (lettuce, spinach, mixed vegetables, chickpeas, etc.) w/a low calorie dressing


If you followed your breakfast and lunch habits closely, dinner (while it’s not a free for all) can be a time where you make sure you are full for the night! This will help you avoid late night snacking! Go for what will make you feel full!

With Love, Marin

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