Being Productive AND Having Fun

Hey, pretty girl!!

I have been SUPER busy the last few weeks. However, I haven’t felt like I’ve been falling behind or drowning in my responsibilities. I’ve mastered the art of productivity, balancing a schedule and time management over the years. I’m going to share 5 of my tips when it comes to being on top of your responsibilities while also still having time for fun!

Tip #1: Use a Planner

Giving yourself a schedule helps to keep you on track at all times. I recommend getting a planner where you can keep track of your schedule, to do lists and large projects (aka the Erin Condrin Academic Planner). I schedule my weeks starting with the times I have class and work. Based on the times I am not in class, I then figure out when I have time to complete larger/smaller tasks. If I only have a short break between classes, it might be a good time to wash the dishes. If I have a longer break, I might get started on some homework and projects for class!

Tip #2: Complete Small Tasks First

If you have a large period of time where you are free, start with smaller responsibilities first. I have often found that if I start completing my large tasks first, I tire myself out before I can even finish that one task. It is better to get a lot of small things done and part of the big thing, then try to finish one large task all at once. Break the large task up into smaller tasks if you want to be more productive!!

Tip #3: Don’t Procrastinate

This goes without saying, but don’t put things off!! When it comes to mental health struggles, I understand that procrastination can stem from anxiety and depression. There are definitely times where I avoid doing a task because I simply cannot muster the motivation to take care of myself or I’m anxious about the task so I avoid it in general. The best way to avoid procrastination is simply to give yourself 5 minutes to start. If after those five minutes, you’re still not able to focus on the task, try a task that involves less mental attention first. For example, wash the dishes before starting a large essay.

Tip #4: Turn Your Phone Off

This one is HUGE!! I know it can be so easy to get looped into TikTok or online shopping (my roomie, Olivia, has had to take my phone from me several times so I can focus 100% on studying). Either power down your phone so you don’t get notifications, leave the phone far away from your work space or give your phone to a friend/family member so that you don’t get sidetracked while working. This will make you a lot more productive if you don’t have the distraction of your phone.

Tip #5: Get Your Sleep

It’s impossible to be productive if you’re running on empty!! Get the number of hours you need (cause all of us are different) to function at a high level. It is important that you keep your sleep schedule consistent as well, so that your body can get used to a routine. This will help you to sleep better and be able to focus on tasks for longer! If you really have to miss a few hours of sleep, definitely drink an Aspire Energy Drink. It will keep you energized with sustained and healthy energy (aka much better for you than Monster, Bang or Red Bull).

Now, get to work!!

With Love, Marin

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