A Busy Girl’s Guide to Staying Organized

Hey, pretty girl!

Like most of you, I’m busy. I am currently juggling a 20 credit schedule, two jobs, 3 clubs (including class president), working out, running my social media channels, studying for the LSAT, a relationship and time with my friends. On top of all of that, I still have to find time to meal plan/sleep/have relaxation time! Now, I would never be able to manage this all without my Erin Condren Planner and my organization skills I’ve picked up over the years.

3 Tips to Staying Organized

  1. Use your planner and keep it on you 24/7!! If you know you have something going on, put it in your planner immediately.
  2. Schedule your busy/free times. I write out by exact times when I am busy and when I am free.
  3. Before going to bed at night, make sure that you are prepared for all of tomorrow’s events (aka organize your room/materials for the following day).

Let me know if you’d like more tips on how to stay organized!

With Love, Marin

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