Bible Study: Psalm 77

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I randomly opened my Bible to a page tonight so that God could share with me what I needed to read…and WOW, I needed to read Psalm 77. Psalm 77 gives insight into Christianity and depression. This passage helps to teach us that God is close even when you are depressed.

In the passage, Asaph was in a depressed and troubled state. This kind of feeling is all too familiar to me and I’m sure to many of you. The passage outlines the steps we should take to handle this state and regain emotional stability through the Lord.

Step 1 is “cry[ing] aloud to God.” The first step in many of life’s problems is to acknowledge that there is a problem. In the psalm, Asaph makes it clear to God and himself that he is in a dark place. He doesn’t use unhealthy coping mechanisms, but instead turns to God with his current situation through the action of prayer. God wants us to pour out our feelings to Him. He is there to listen.

Step 2 is to direct your thoughts away from your current depressed state. Now, depression is a mental illness (one I have struggled with myself), so I understand that this step isn’t necessarily easy to complete. However, you must actively try to focus on past times when you felt fulfilled in your life through God, in order to move past this depressive state. By looking at all of your life blessings in the past, it will help you to regain perspective of your current situation.

Finally, worship. Lean on God and others of faith during this time. There will be times where you simply cannot carry the weight on your own. Ask your fellow members of the church to pray for you and be a companion in those people as well. Concentrate on the benefits of God and your faith towards Him. Through this, it will become clear that God is much greater than your current struggles.

With Love, Marin

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