What He Does: On Raising your Standards

Hey, pretty girl!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Rachel Wammack’s music. While not one of the most well known country musicians, I truly believe she deserves a lot more hype! When she released her new song on August 14th, I listened to it ASAP. The lyrics were my absolute favorite – she totally hit the point that you should never lower your standards in a relationship. The reason I love Rachel’s music so much is because she is so honest to her life in her song lyrics and speaks her truth. This really comes out in the second verse.

“What other guys do had me pretty much believing

Settling was standard

‘Til God gave me a man that sees

All the love that I give

All the love that I’m worth…”

“What He Does” by Rachel Wammack

I often hear a lot of girls say that “all men are trash” (guilty that I used to do this). I believe this song is a great song because it acknowledges that there are men that will treat you the right way, even if many other guys haven’t before. You should not settle for a guy who treats you “good enough” when there is a guy who would treat you like his whole world. Don’t settle for the boy who texts you after midnight, date the man who calls you “beautiful….baby,…just because.”

Now, girls, this goes the other way too. You need to be reciprocating healthy relationship behavior. You need to spoil him too. You need to give him all the love that he is worth too. Relationships go both ways and both sides need to be giving it their all for it to be a strong, healthy relationship.

With Love, Marin

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