Tips to Reduce your College Textbook Cost

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College is EXPENSIVE!! You pay for housing, classes, meal plan, activities etc. and on top of all of that you have to pay for textbooks! College isn’t like high school where the textbooks are provided for you. Often times you have to fork out a couple hundred dollars per semester on the materials you need for class. After a year at college, I’ve figured out some money saving strategies when it

Tip #1: Wait to buy your textbooks until your professor tells you what to buy.

Typically, the college bookstore for your school will give you a list of “required” books for your course prior to syllabus day. I made the mistake of buying all my books early first semester and quickly learned that “required” may not actually be true. Many professors will recommend these textbooks to you but tell you that they don’t actually use them/aren’t necessary. Wait until the professor gives you the instruction on whether to buy them or not before you purchase anything!

Tip #2: Don’t buy your textbooks from your college bookstore (unless you absolutely have to).

The college bookstore overprices absolutely everything!! Avoid buying your books there at all costs. I have found that Amazon is typically the cheapest in regards to textbook prices. I use the ISBN Number to be sure that I am getting the correct book for my class. I have yet to have accidentally ordered a wrong book. If you can’t find the ISBN anywhere, then you can resort to your college bookstore for purchasing the materials.

Tip #3: Buy the textbooks and sell them back instead of renting them.

One thing that many people believe saves them money is renting textbooks instead of buying. Now, if you don’t have the money upfront to buy the books, renting can be the better option. However, if you do have the money to pay for it upfront, it ends up saving you money if you buy and sell back your textbooks. When you rent, you are losing the money you could’ve made by selling them. This website here helps you to determine which textbook buyback site will pay most for your book.

Going to college means that you will need to pinch pennies wherever you can! I hope my tips help save you money this fall and in coming semesters!

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