Going Back to School Amidst the Pandemic: Thoughts, Concerns and Predictions

Hey, pretty girl!

The countdown to going back to school is about a month away for most of us – high school and college kids alike. Back to school time is already stressful enough with planning for housing and class schedules, along with remembering how to time manage.

The addition of coronavirus has made everything 1,000,000 times more confusing. I made this post so that I could share my thoughts, as well as create a space for others to comment!

My current thoughts are as follows:

In regards to living on campus this fall, I am buying the bare minimum needs for my apartment (with only a little bit of decor items to make the room slightly more homey). For anyone who knows me super well, I love to go full out with decor typically. However, I don’t want to buy a lot of decor that I might just end up bringing home in a few weeks if classes go completely online again. I decided I’ll add more things if we end up staying at school longer (which would be a happy surprise)!!

When thinking about moving to online classes, I am mostly sad. I enjoy the in person time with my professors, even if via zoom on campus or with only 1/3 of my classmates. However, I am also aware that I have the resources to complete online classes. I feel for the students who don’t have access to the internet in the ways that I do. Shutting down schools again and moving to online courses would 100% have a large detrimental effect on low income households and due to years of systematic racism, harms the community of Black students the most. It is hard for me to support staying at school if it is not safe, but also hard for me to support schools expecting their students to obtain wifi and technology at home. It is a privilege to have access to these things. EXPECTING a student to obtain access, or already have access, shows directly how the school system favors its white students. I acknowledge that I have this privilege and want others to evaluate their privilege in online schooling as well. Specifically for the high school, where students have the option to return online or in person, homes without access to the internet are forced to send their children back to school. Since the pandemic is still in full force, this is directly putting those children who truly don’t have a choice of online/in person in danger of contracting Covid. I have found myself complaining about online courses in the past, but I am grateful I have the option and am aware that many don’t. The link here helps donate to children who don’t have access to technology for online school. Please use this link to help donate.

Mentally, the unpredictability of fall has my anxiety spiked! I have zero ideas how to plan for this fall (like everyone else) and I’m the kind of person who plans weeks in advance. Not being able to schedule things out in my planner for upcoming weeks will definitely be my biggest challenge this fall.

What are your thoughts/comments/predictions?? Share with me!!

With Love, Marin

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