My Favorite Lipstick

Hey, pretty girl!

I used to absolutely hate lipstick of any kind! I thought it didn’t look right on me and ended up drying out my lips. My senior year, when I joined speech team, it became 100% a necessity to wear lipstick for tournaments. During this time is when I stumbled upon my go-to everyday lipstick – Tarte Glide & Go Buttery Lipstick.

I’d seen this lipstick before from multiple influencers online including Bre Sheppard and Kathleen Post. When I gave it a try, I totally understood the hype! This lipstick has the texture and moisturizing capabilities of chapstick with the color of a lipstick. Especially at tournaments where I was speaking almost all day, this brand helped to keep my lips hydrated.

I personally use the shade “Pink Tutu” because it’s the same tone as my lips, except with a hint more pink and a shiny texture. It finishes my makeup look off without turning it into a “glam” makeup look. Below, you can find the links to this lipstick both directly from Tarte (15% off your first purchase) and Ulta. I also tagged the other Tarte products I recently bought during the LiketoKnowIt sale!

With Love, Marin

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