A Year of Blogging

Hey, pretty girl!

Today is a special day for me!! It’s the one year anniversary since I launched MarinMae.com to the public. I still remember how nervous I was to launch. I was worried about what people would think of me, if I was pretty enough or if it would end up being a total flop (I actually had a total anxious breakdown before taking my first blog photos). Looking back on that, I was totally wrong and I’m so incredibly glad that I took this chance.

In my Instagram post today my caption read that …

You will never influence the world by being like everyone else.


This was my outlook on starting my blog, but is now the same reason I have decided to rebrand. When I started blogging, I tried to be so similar to every other blogger because I wanted to be doing what was “right.” After a year at this, I have learned that there is no right or wrong when it comes to expressing yourself. This is why I’ve decided to narrow my niche and find the audience that will resonate with me better than any other blogger. I don’t want to be like everyone else!! I want y’all to come to my posts because you can’t find what I am sharing anywhere else.

REBRAND: From now on, a MarinMae.com girl is a country music lovin’ college girl striving to be the best in everything she does! MarinMae.com is designed for her to up her fashion sense, become more confident, work on her fitness and live everyday as the main character of her life.

Say goodbye to my “Life & Style Blog.” I am now a “Faith + Fashion + Fitness + Life as a College Student Blog.” I’m sharing a little breakdown of each category below/what you can expect to see.

  • Faith
    • Faith in Yourself: Building confidence and knowing your worth
    • Faith in Your Religion: Building a relationship with God
  • Fashion
    • Outfits: Sharing affordable fashion in a variety of styles
    • Beauty: Sharing tips for hair, makeup, skin, etc.
  • Fitness
    • Workouts: Simple workout tips for staying in shape
    • Wellness: Easy recipes and lifestyle choices
  • Life as a College Student
    • School: Classroom suggestions, career development, what to expect at college/hs
    • Relationships: Healthy vs Toxic Relationships, Date Nights, Gift Lists
    • Travel: Self explanatory haha 😉

What I’ve Done this Year

  • Doubled my Instagram followers
  • Posted 80 blog posts
  • Got accepted to RewardStyle
  • Gained ambassadorships/brand deals with
    • Diff Sunglasses
    • Elevated Faith
    • Pura Vida
    • Michael Todd Beauty / HSN
    • Home Moving Company
    • Sand Cloud
    • Blush Mark
  • Made my first $$$ off of blogging
  • Became part of the College Fashionista community
  • Got accepted
  • But MOST importantly, I’ve gained confidence in myself!

I’m so excited for what’s next for MarinMae.com, but I couldn’t have got here without my sister taking photos (check out her Instagram), the support of my friends and family and engaged followers!

With Love, Marin

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