My New Favorite Skincare Tool

Hey, pretty girl!

In my recent collaboration with Michael Todd Beauty, I was able to receive and use the Soniclear Petite Skincare Tool for the last two weeks. I tracked my overall thoughts below on the product, as well as linked where you can purchase the product!!

Day 1 : Immediately after using the product my skin feels so much smoother. I can tell that I wasn’t able to get a deep clean with my hands, because my skin has never felt this clean.

Day 7: My skin is completely clear and a lot more even texture wise. I have noticed that the product hasn’t helped much with my blackheads on my nose, but otherwise, my skin is soft and radiant.

Day 14: This product has become a major part of my skincare routine. I’ve noticed that I never skip my skincare routine because it’s so much simpler to use the spin brush than my hands to wash my face. My complexion is more even, I haven’t had a pimple in over a week and my skin is a lot more hydrated. I feel like I don’t even need to use my exfoliating mask anymore.

You can purchase this product at HSN or straight from Michael Todd Beauty!!

With Love, Marin

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