Why You Need to Romanticize Your Life

Picture a moment where you felt like the main character of your life.

A moment where you truly fell in love with life.

A peaceful feeling that you wanted to bottle up and keep forever.

Now…close your eyes. Picture it. Capture how that memory feels.

Picture another moment. This time, make it something that hasn’t happened quite yet.

Is it a letter saying you got your dream job/dream college?

Is it meeting someone who feels like home?

Is it just being so happy that time slips away without you even realizing it?

Now, when you read the rest of this post, keep that moment in mind.

I’ve never been one to believe in manifesting your life. You can’t just will something to happen and make it happen. It’s not how life works. God has a plan for us that exists in a space we can’t even wrap our heads around. However, when we have the strength to pray for these beautiful moments in our lives to occur, they start to appear to us. When you begin to romanticize every sunrise, breakfast with your family, rain tapping against the windshield, every drop to your knees because you need His direction, that is when you are really living. God will give you these moments when you are truly immersed in His love and ready to listen to HIS plan for you.

We’ve all been guilty of making deals with God. “God if I do this….please do this for me.” That’s just not how God works. He is not a genie to grant your wishes if you follow the rules YOU set. God is a way-maker. He gives you the path and the resources to accept Him into your heart and live a beautiful life. It is your job to follow that path. That path may be the harder one. There might be more things blocking your way to see if you’ll become weak and choose another path. Instead, you have to trust in Him and trust His process. I promise you that your path will be lined with flowers instead of tree branches soon.

I realized I had hit my path lined with flowers today. On the way home from an amazing date I couldn’t stop smiling. The man who suddenly felt like home was beside me and I felt at peace. A full rainbow came out of nowhere and everything just felt…right. It was a moment that felt out of novel, a dream, an image buried in the back of my mind that I had believed I would one day reach….and here I was. It wasn’t one day of praying. Not one week. Not one month. Maybe not even one year. It took time and total trust in Him.

Now, remember that moment I told you to keep in your head?? It’s going to happen.

So pray for that moment. Pray for even more moments like that. Pray that you become the main character of your life.

With Love, Marin

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