Moving into your College Apartment/House with Ease

For many of us college students, leases start at the beginning of June. While many of us don’t move into these locations until late August, there are benefits in moving your stuff in early so you’re settled in right away! Whether you’re traveling from out-of-state or only live a little ways away from your college town, moving can be extremely stressful. The stress that comes with moving can involve physically transporting everything you need from point A to point B, or it could be that the items you brought with you are difficult to transport into your new living space on your own. With the addition of coronavirus and minimizing travel, many people are wanting to limit the number of family members helping to move you into a new place. I know that many of my friends have been struggling to try to move into their new places completely on their own with items such as futons, mattresses, coffee tables, mini-fridges, and more.

Especially if you’re like me and you’ll be moving into your very first apartment, it can be incredibly stressful to know how you should prepare to pack and move your items! The whole experience is challenging enough for those with experience and can be even more nerve-wracking for those of us moving out for the first time.

“I won’t be able to carry in my large items by myself.”
“I can’t fit all my items in my small car.”
“I can’t assemble this new piece of furniture I bought!”

If you find yourself saying any of these things, or more, consider letting a company with 15+ years of experience help you out!! And if you’re looking for someone to truly make your moving experience memorable and painless, Relief Moving Company is who you should look to!

Relief Moving Company is located in Blaine, Minnesota. Another branch of Relief Moving Company is located in Ham Lake, Minnesota. This company is dedicated to helping you save money, protect your valuables, provide fast and friendly service, give Relief Moving Company is located in Blaine, Minnesota. This moving company also is located in Ham Lake, Minnesota. This company is dedicated to helping you save money, protect your valuables, provide fast and friendly service, give you free supplies, and communicate well with you during your move. This company provides so many different services for you! Whether you need help with a long-distance move, packing items, or moving items into your new college apartment or house, Relief Moving Company is for you! Relief Moving Company can help you out on your move if you’re local, in-state or even if you’re out-of-state. This means that truly anyone can experience a move with Relief Moving Company.

There are so many convenient features that Relief Moving Company offers. I know for me the most annoying thing when moving is packing up all of my smaller items! I always get worried that I won’t pack something correctly and it’ll break or get dirty during the move. I would never have to worry about this with Relief Movers because not only can they help you pack, they even provide free shrink wrap so your furniture doesn’t get dirty on the move. Coming from someone whose biggest concern is always my closet and clothes, one of my absolute favorite things that Relief Moving Company does is provides free wardrobe boxes to use on the day of your move!! This will help you transport clothes on hangers so you don’t have to rehang every single item! (It’s also so much better than the trash bag hack that leaves your clothes wrinkled and falling off the hangers)

Now how do you go about hiring Relief Moving Company? The process is actually quite simple.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Utilize their home page function asking about your home! Select where you are moving, how many beds, how far away you are, where you are moving from and to, and lastly, what date you are moving.
Step 3: Hit submit and a Relief Moving Associate will contact you with a quote!
Step 4: Enjoy how easy the moving process is now that you have an experienced, dedicated, and kind crew helping you! They will truly make your moving experience more about how exciting this moment is rather than stressful!!

After navigating their easy webpage, I myself am looking into using Relief Moving Company when I move into my on-campus apartment this fall! After doing all the moving this year on my own, with the help of my mom, I know how difficult and time consuming it can be! I am ready to sit back and let the process be a lot less painful and a lot more relaxing!

The best way to contact Relief Moving Company is to go to their website and give them a call!! Please drop any questions you have in the comments below so I can direct you to the right person.

This is a sponsored post.

With Love, Marin

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