“Here’s to the Girls Like Me”

Hey, pretty girl!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been obsessed with these quarantine new music Fridays. I’ve been especially loving the Songland series. On my weekly new music dive, I found Martina McBride’s “Girls Like Me.”

Now, let me tell you… a lot of us are girls like Martina.

It used to be me

Hidin’ insecurities

With a cigarette and a bottle of whiskey

I was the girl at home

In the dark, all alone

Sayin’, “Why the hell doesn’t he miss me?”

We act so tough like it ain’t nothin’

‘Cause we don’t want them to see

Here’s to the girls like me

Chorus of Girls Like Me

It can be so incredibly hard accepting the fact that someone doesn’t miss you or doesn’t want you in the way you want them. Yet, it can be even harder when you trained yourself to pretend that you don’t care.

So here’s something to keep in mind: It’s okay to care! It’s okay to act tough! It’s okay to do both! But it is NOT okay to think of yourself as less than what you’re worth because of someone else’s feelings toward you. Remember that it is not always your fault that someone doesn’t want to be with you right now. It could quite possibly have nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. The person you are meant to be with will miss you, and quite truthfully, we should be grateful for each person that lets us get away. They are just getting us to our person!

Don’t settle. Wait for the man who never makes you question his intentions with your heart.

With Love, Marin

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