One Month with the Sweat App

Hey, pretty girl!

One thing that I’ve been doing to keep my quarantine anxiety and boredom low is working out with the Sweat app. There are many programs within the Sweat App, but I follow the BBG Beginner Program with Kayla Itsines. I am currently on week 7 of the program (really 4 consistent weeks though).

While it can be easy for some of us to get started on working out, it is more difficult for others of us (definitely the boat I’m always in). To help keep motivated, one of my good friends even made us a group snapchat fitness story!!

My Weekly Workout Plan

Breakdown of the BBG Beginner Program

  • Resistance Workouts (Lower Body, Full Body, Upper Body and Abs)
    • Each workout changes weekly
    • Most workouts are composed of 4 seven-minute-long circuits
      • The Ab workout is two untimed circuits
  • Cardio
    • Unguided cardio
  • Recovery
    • 3 guided recovery sessions (Full Body, Upper Body and Lower Body)
      • I prefer these to rest days!
  • Diet
    • I don’t really use this portion but the app gives you a recommended daily meal plan/recipes!

My 1 Month Progress

At this point there is very little VISUAL progress, however I’ve noticed a substantial difference in my health. Following a healthy diet is crucial with this program and I’ve done my best to maintain this (even when snacks are always within arm’s reach)!

Numbers-wise, I have lost the few pounds I gained during my freshman year of college, but have been careful to not over lose weight. I also have dropped a percentage of body fat (from 24.5% to 23.5%). While this is in the “fit” range, my goal is to get closer to the athlete body fat percentage range (approx 20%).

I also have noticed that I, in general, feel considerably healthier! While I want to eventually see more physical progress, I believe this is a good place to start!

Other Programs on the App

BBG Stronger with Kayla Istines

Power with Kelsea Wells

Power at Home with Kelsea Wells

Fierce with Chontel Duncan

Fierce at Home with Chontel Duncan

Build with Stephanie Sanzo

Lifting at Home with Stephanie Sanzo

Body and Mind with Sjana Elise

There are also many quick workout, challenge and target area options!

Cost of the Sweat App

Currently there is an option for one month of free access for all new members!

Typically, the app costs $20 for one month, $55 for three months and $120 for one year.

While that last price may seem steep, that’s the equivalent of one Starbucks drink per week (aka it’s definitely worth your money)!

With Love, Marin

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