Motivation for your Monday: Episode 7

Hey, pretty girl!!

Sam Hunt’s new album is my absolute favorite thing ever (and it was perfect timing with quarantine)! One of my favorite, and most relatable, songs from the album was track #11: Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90’s.

This song has such a good message in regards to modern relationships and their direct connection to technology. It seems like it’s hard to escape your own self doubt when technology is constantly connecting you to another person. It can make starting, keeping and ending relationships a million more times difficult than “the 90’s.”

In current times, we worry about getting left on read by our crush. We worry about that not getting that ft call. We worry about checking snap maps to see if they are actually where they said they were. We worry about stalking their Instagram seeing if they like their ex’s recent picture…and the list goes on.

This seems to have escalated with the addition of social distancing. Relationships that were already confusing enough have an extra added level with complete physical separation from the other person. And the fact of the matter is, we are “a product of our generation.” While we can be so much more connected to our significant other than the 90’s, that might not be a good thing. We aren’t meant to dive into things too quick and when technology gives us access to view another person’s highlight reel on social media, telling us where they are and what they’re up to, it can make us feel more insecure about why they are allotting their time like they are.

While it seems to be almost impossible to stay out of our own heads right now, here are some tips when it comes to relationships mixing with technology.

  • Set certain times to talk – text convos are meant to die out after an hour or two but it’ll be so much better to converse without someone lacking in response because it isn’t a convenient time for them.
  • Say what you mean – don’t send mixed signals or play hard to get, especially right now. You can end up hurting someone’s feelings or driving them further away.
  • Avoid checking location – this doesn’t apply as much right now. However, if you have to check someone’s location, there is probably a bigger trust issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Give yourself a reality check – why are your thoughts so consumed by the situation? If you can pinpoint what’s bothering you, it might help you to address the overall problem.

With Love, Marin

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