“We’re Only Young Once” : Recap of the First Half of Second Semester

Hey, pretty girl!

The last couple weeks have been crazy to say the very least. While I’m sad my freshman year (on campus at least) had to end like it did, I still had a lot of memories with my favorite people. Because I loved the way I compiled my first semester memories into life lessons, combined with some inside jokes with me and my friends…I decided I’d do it again.

So here’s 19 things (in honor of COVID-19) I’ve learned so far this semester.

  1. Super Bowl Sunday hits different with a janky tv signal, DP doughs, bacon wrapped water chestnuts and your besties.
  2. When boys hurt your feelings, take a drive with your besties to get McDonald’s at midnight and scream the lyrics of “Hot Girl Bummer.”
  3. Balancing work, school and activities isn’t all that bad if you can time manage well.
  4. Customized Girl online makes sashes with WHATEVER you want it to say on it (seriously whatever you want. Do with that what you will)
  5. If all of north campus has a blackout after you just said you needed mental crisis time, do run around campus AND jump in the puddles that caused it AND watch light saber battles AND sneak into closed buildings AND go to a rave in the basement of Ireland.
  6. When your man lets you drive on Valentine’s Day, don’t agree to it if you’re bad at parking (you will make a fool of yourself)
  7. Red tik tok LED lights (need I say more?)
  8. Sometimes you need your best friend to walk you from Dowling Hall to Brady Hall, even if there is only a Koch Commons in between.
  9. De-lofting a bed is NOT a two person job. I repeat NOT A TWO PERSON JOB (especially if one of those people is useless aka me)
  10. It’s okay if you fall for a boy at the most random time but aren’t ready to tell him yet.
  11. You know you and your roomie are best friends if you sit on a coffee table and talk about life instead of talking with everyone else at the work party.
  12. Cannolis from Buca Di Beppo hit different.
  13. Once there is a warm weather day, Minnesotans refuse to put winter coats back on. (10 degrees again?? IDC it’s spring now!)
  14. ICE CREAM AND WAFFLES IS AMAZING (thank you Haison)
  15. It doesn’t look like you’re doing the walk of shame if you constantly dress up in heels on a Saturday or Sunday morning.
  16. No matter how much I hate walking there, the dining hall isn’t all that bad.
  17. Sitting on someone’s lap in an Uber because not everyone would fit otherwise is HIGHLY uncomfortable unless you’re like 5’1.
  18. If (hypothetically) your school were to only offer you 20% back on tuition because of an epidemic, the best response is to “borrow” a toilet paper roll holder from the communal bathroom.
  19. And when the world goes crazy, and all seems to be gone, go on a midnight walk with your best friends to the cliffs to talk about life and soak up your last freshman seconds together.

With Love, Marin

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  1. I feed myself with a lot of pictures and your personal advice. My favorite is going to Macdonald and scream the lyrics of hot girl bummer 😊
    Thank you for sharing

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