Motivation for your Monday: Episode 6

Hey, pretty girl!

Quarantine can be rough on mental health. Especially for us college students (high school students have it rough too, but I can only speak for how I’m currently feeling and don’t want to assume), it can be difficult to adjust back to our lives at home.

Unlike many adults, us college students are in a unique position. COVID-19 not only took us out of daily activities, but also out of the place we called home. This also means that, for almost all of us, we are separated from people that we aren’t only used to spending a lot of time with, but also living with (miss you Olivia).

I, and a lot of the people I’m close with, have said very similar things when it comes to this entire situation. “Why now?? I was finally enjoying life. Everything was going well! This is such bad timing!!” I miss breakfast after my english class with my friends, therapy sessions with my roommate, hanging out with the guy I like, planning on-campus events, having fun on the weekends…basically, I miss the entire college experience.

I feel like this set me incredibly back when it comes to mental health. My anxiety definitely sparks whenever coronavirus comes up or I think about what my life was like just three weeks ago. It hurts, but I’ve been finding ways to handle it. Now, I’m not a therapist or a professional (and if you need a therapist I recommend getting one) but this is what I’ve found that’s helped me cope with my anxiety during quarantine.

  1. Working out as soon as I wake up
  2. Making myself breakfast (fruit/scrambled eggs/bread)
  3. Putting on something I’d wear to class (I end up switching in comfy clothes later but doing this helps my motivation levels)
  4. Turning on my Summer ’19 Country Playlist
  5. Listening to a sermon
  6. Ft a friend
  7. Watching tik-toks (okay so maybe this is just to procrastinate my online course work)
  8. Organizing something in my room
  9. Trying to go to sleep before midnight (when I go to bed later then this I feel like it impacts my next day stress)
  10. If my anxiety is really high, I take Olly Goodbye Stress Gummies

Now, I don’t recommend doing ALL of these things EVERYDAY. When you are feeling stressed out or anxious, I recommend trying a couple of these things and see how it goes. Remember, if you need to talk, my DM’s are always open.

With Love, Marin

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