Let’s Share, Vent or Whatever Else you Need

Hey, pretty girl!

When I made this blog, I had created a vision of a safe space for people to share, come together and be themselves. I’ve had this idea for a little while but held off because I didn’t know how much interaction I’d actually get on it. Then I caught myself, why do I care??? If this posts helps out one single person, I’ll be more than happy.

So what’s my idea? A lil’ sharing/venting circle – the online version.

Here’s how it’s going to work. Scroll to the bottom of this post to “leave a reply.” Write WHATEVER is on your mind!! You got into your dream school?? Congrats girl, share it! You spilled your coffee on your way to class? Vent about it. If you’d like your post to be anonymous just type your name as anonymous and for email plug in my email “marinmaeblog@gmail.com”

I plan on responding to all of y’all’s comments! And to get the ball rolling, I’ll start…

I’ve listened to Written in the Sand by Old Dominion 30 times this morning. Country music always seems to speak to me. This song is my current mood. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll get what I mean….

Now you go!!

With Love, Marin

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