Gifts to get your S.O. for Valentine’s Day

Hey, pretty girl! (and guys tuning in trying to figure out what they should buy)

For Her

  1. Barefoot Dreams Blanket
  2. Scrunchie Apple Watch Band
  3. Heart Initial Necklace
  4. Starbucks Reusable Cup
  5. Rose that lasts for a Year
  6. Heart Shaped Sunglasses (Use my link for referral)
  7. Pearl Headband
  8. Jewelry Box
  9. Pink Handbag
  10. Anything cute & cheesy (chocolates, flowers, stuffed animal…)

For Him

  1. Custom Leather Airpods Case
  2. Temp Control Smart Mug
  3. Wool Running Shoes
  4. Winc Subscription
  5. Something cute & cheesy (guys like to be spoiled sometimes too)

With Love, Marin

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