Updated Hair Care Routine

Hey, pretty girl!

A few months ago I wrote a little about how I restored my damaged hair from years of straightening it. Since that post, I’ve made a few changes to my hair routine that have made some big changes in the texture of my hair!

My hair stylist recently introduced me to the Olaplex line of hair products. While I had been using the Olaplex Bond Smoother for a few months to combat frizz, I was a little skeptical about using all of the products at first. Kerastase was working so well for me!! Why would I change??

I started slowly incorporating Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner into my hair care routine a couple days a week and I noticed something. Whenever I would use Olaplex, my hair would hold a curl a lot better and was noticeably healthier. Once I had noticed this, I switched almost completely to their hair products.

On a daily basis I use Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner (yes, I wash my hair every day – thin hair probs). I also use Olaplex Bond Smoother to combat frizz. On a weekly basis I use Olaplex Hair Protector. This is a rinse out product that I leave in overnight to help protect my hair from damage. Especially after getting blonde babylights put in it at the end of December, it’s important to me to keep my colored hair healthy!

Since switching, I’ve noticed more volume to my hair! It’s also become considerably softer (which is sayin’ something because I have a naturally coarse texture)!

I highly recommend switching to these products. Or, at the very least, switching which products you are using every once and a while. Your hair gets used to certain products and won’t react like it did in the beginning!

With Love, Marin

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