2020 Vision

Hey, pretty girl!

I love the feeling of a new year, it always gives me a clean state to get a jump start on my goals. I’m not a huge new year’s resolution gal, but I do like to make a list of my goals for the upcoming year! (I bet you can guess what one of my goals was for this year-hint:this website). But this year, it’s time for not only a new year but a NEW DECADE.

This decade could be filled with SO many life changing events for me as I go into my 20’s and I am excited. While I’m praying for some 1920’s revival fashion, I’m awestruck that the next 10 years could be when I graduate from college, secure my career, meet my future husband or bring life into this world. While that is slightly terrifying, it’s thrilling to think about! Going into this decade I was only in third grade! And y’all, that feels like yesterday…time only moves quicker too.

Since 7 is my favorite number (past softball number), I wrote down 7 goals for each of the following categories.

My 2020 Blog Vision

  • Acceptance to RewardStyle
  • Publish 40 blog posts
  • Post 200 photos to Instagram
  • Get a brand deal/collaboration
  • Double Instagram followers
  • Attend a local blogger event
  • Make money off of blogging

My 2020 Vision

  • Work on positive self talk
  • Create healthy relationships
  • Have the best second semester everrr
  • Make some $$$$
  • Love with my whole heart
  • Donate some clothes/shoes
  • Read and listen more

My 2020’s Vision

  • Graduate with honors
  • Get into law school
  • Secure my dream job and help others
  • Create forever friendships (or relationships)
  • Become a mom (God willing)
  • Live in every moment
  • Be myself

With Love, Marin

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