Motivation for your Monday: Episode 4

Hey, pretty girl!

I was struggling to think of topic for this Monday. Typically, I jump on a concept that is currently nagging at my mind, but I honestly could not find something… UNTIL I was messaging my college friends while hanging with my high school ones.

In that moment, I realized how incredibly blessed I am to have two great friend groups full of people who love and support me. Six years ago, I definitely would not have thought this would be my reality. Middle school, for me, was a time where I had truly felt like I didn’t fit in. Now here I was, surrounded by people accepting of who I’ve become.

Friends are second family. Having great friends is truly something that is a blessing to be grateful for. However, having great friends who support you no matter what, are ever better.

This got me thinking… what if we were all each other’s friends? What if we all treated each other with the kindness and respect that we give to our friends?

Conclusion : this world would be a lot less cruel, dark and hateful.

Now, you’re going to say to me, “but what about the people who I CANNOT be friends with.” I challenge yourself to understand why they behave the way that makes you unable to be their friend.

Situation #1 : The toxic friend who causes detriment to your mental health.

Situation #2 : The friend who is not being a friend for reasons that you may be unaware of.

Obviously, these are not the only two scenarios when it comes to friends. However, it is important to acknowledge the distinction between these two friend behaviors. In the case of the second, we must understand to be empathetic of those around us.

Keep the following quote in mind when determining between the two situations :

And I’ll leave you with this – let’s be friends. Reach out to me and I’ll be here. It’s our job to be each other’s support, regardless of how well you know each other now. There is always the potential to GET TO KNOW each other.

With Love, Marin

2 thoughts on “Motivation for your Monday: Episode 4

  1. Don’t let age get in the way of friendship. We all learn and benefit from each other. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Anne W

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