Takeaways from a Semester in College

Hey, pretty girl!

Phew, finals are over. I am prepared beyond belief for six weeks without school! First semester of college has taught me a lot. These last four months have been chaotic and I wouldn’t know where to begin…so I compiled some of the life lessons I’ve picked up on.

25 Things I’ve Learned during First-Semester

  1. I should’ve appreciated welcome week and not having classes more. Like a lot more.
  2. Having a randomly assigned roommate was the best decision I ever made – luv u so much Olivia.
  3. College can turn even the most organized person into a procrastinator.
  4. The dining hall loses its pizazz after like week two, but eating is important so don’t skip meals.
  5. Don’t stay friends with just your high school friends. It is so much fun to have two different friend groups that can come together.
  6. Waking up before 7 am is now impossible.
  7. Take advantage of the on-campus/off-campus activities. You pay for those with student activity fee money!!
  8. Frat parties are not like the movies but still fun??? (idk yet I’m debating on that one).
  9. Communal bathrooms are not that bad. Except when you have to squat in the shower or someone threw up or a girl flushed their shirt down the toilet…ok yeah…it’s not good either.
  10. Getting involved on campus can connect you with some pretty awesome people who you wouldn’t be friends with otherwise (freshman class cohort > everything).
  11. Going home is weird and my bed is more comfortable at my dorm.
  12. Don’t download dating apps.
  13. On second thought…do download them (you’ll have some good stories).
  14. On a related note, public first dates!!! I cannot emphasize that enough.
  15. Repeating number 1 because it’s important – I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF WELCOME WEEK.
  16. After fall break time just moves quicker. No, I do not know why.
  17. Coffee either occurs all day for a week straight or you forget what it tastes like – there is no in between.
  18. The CASINO on a Monday night – that’s all I got on that one.
  19. Going to the gym is no longer to get fit. It is purely to avoid other responsibilities.
  20. I shouldn’t have wasted so much money on uber and uber eats….
  21. The entire boy’s dorm building has a weird smell…
  22. Roll Toms sounds better on the tongue than Ski U Mah.
  23. Yeah, counseling is “available.” But like…your crippling mental health can wait until spring semester though! We will put you on the wait list!!
  24. Finals week has no rules. PJ’s to class? Acceptable. Running on pure coffee? Not just acceptable, but you’re THRIVING.
  25. End the semester the way you started it. Even if that’s chaotically walking to the Mississippi River at 1 am to look at stars.

With Love, Marin

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