Holiday Wish List : For Her

Hey, pretty girl!

Christmas is in exactly two weeks!! For my fellow procrastinators out there, this means you needed to buy gifts by yesterday….however, I saved you with some gift ideas to make the process a bit quicker!

For the moms, girlfriends and girl friends in your life, this list is a perfect place to start!

  1. Letter Necklace
  2. Rhinestone Statement Belt
  3. Tula Skincare Kit
  4. The BEST Slippers Ever
  5. iHome Lighted Makeup Mirror
  6. My Makeup Bag
  7. Throw Blanket
  8. Velvet Pearl Headbands
  9. Designer-Looking Handbag
  10. Blue-Tooth Earmuffs
  11. Gift Cards to their Favorite Store (You cannot go wrong w/Lulu’s)

With Love, Marin

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