Restoring Damaged Hair

Hey, pretty girl!

When it comes to damaged hair, I know everything about it. From ages 14 to 17, I straightened my hair close to 365 days a year because I disliked my natural wavy hair.

My hair was very thin prior to straightening it, and putting heat on my hair every day was only making things worse. My hair was barely hitting my shoulders, broken off terribly everywhere and thinner than before.

The summer after my junior year of high school, I decided to make a change in my hair care. The following things helped me transform my hair (and hopefully yours too)!

How I took my hair from this :

To this :

In one year….

Cut off all Heat Usage

I know, not being able to change how your hair looks can be scary but I guarantee it’ll make you more confident in the long run. However, if you do have a big event and need to use heat on your hair – USE HEAT PROTECTANT.

I use Living Proof Perfecting Spray directly out of the shower and work into my wet hair.

Use Restoring Shampoo/Conditioner

This is where I saw the majority of my hair frizziness from breakage, be reduced. If you are able to not wash your hair everyday, this also helps. However, if you’re like me and have super oily hair, buy a quality shampoo and conditioner.

I use Kerastase Resistance Levels 3/4 Repair on a daily basis. While you technically only need to condition prior to shampooing, I do both to help keep the ends of my hair smooth.

Take Biotin Gummies Daily

I know there are lots of people who joke about Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins, but they actually work! It takes about 3 months to begin seeing results, but this helped for my hair growth. If you are already getting enough of this vitamin through your diet, you probably won’t see as drastic of results. However, most people aren’t.

I buy mine on a monthly delivery through Amazon.

Only Wear Satin Scrunchies

This one is a biggie for girls with thin or damaged hair. Elastic hair ties cause breakage every single time you use them. This will only accelerate your breakage. Satin is soft on your hair and comes in so many cute colors, you won’t be missing out!

My favorite satin scrunchies are from Ulta.

Use a Weekly Hair-mask

This is a general hair care tip for everyone, not just for those with breakage. Hair masks help restore nutrients to your hair and can actually help prevent breakage! These can get expensive which is why I only recommend using it weekly This is so that your hair doesn’t get used to the product and not work anymore, and you don’t rack up a big bill.

I use this hair mask that matches my shampoo/conditioner set.

With Love, Marin

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