“Even the Homecoming Queen Cries.”

Hey, pretty girl!

I’ve always loved Kelsea Ballerini’s music. She has a relatable personality, beautiful voice and songs filled with emotion. However, when I heard her recent song, Homecoming Queen, I was left without words.

Not only is this a gorgeous song, but the lyrics spoke to me in such a deep way. Kelsea reveals a very important and vulnerable message. This message is one that is so important for all of us, and one that I couldn’t hold back from writing about.

We all know the girl who appears so outwardly perfect and put together. We never seem to ask her how she’s doing or if she’s okay… we “people assume (she’s) always alright.” The most perfectly appearing people can be the most broken and fragile people in our lives, trained “how to act tough.”

Our jealousness of those who seemingly have a perfect life, allows us to assume that they have no problems. We never feel sorry for them, we feel sorry for ourselves. However, we know our problems and battles. We don’t know everyone else’s.

Now, if you’re on the opposite end, it can be tough to let people see your broken side. All of us hide behind something. I hide behind my clothing – feeling put together to keep my perfect appearance. Yet, you can’t hide forever. You need to advocate for yourself and speak up when you’re not okay.

So, let’s do as Kelsea Ballerini says and “let them all in on the lie…”

The CEO cries. Miss America cries. The valedictorian cries. The Instagram Influencer cries. I cry. You cry.

“Even the homecoming queen cries.”

Be Kind. Be Supportive. Be You.

With Love, Marin

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