Transitioning to Fall

Hey, pretty girl!

When it comes to September, it can be tricky to figure out which season you are in. It’s 85 and sunny one day… and 45 and cloudy the next. With cold lecture halls and hot dorm rooms, what is the best way to transition to fall.

1. Jean Jackets

Jean jackets have a fall and spring vibe to them. They work perfect if you’re wearing white bottoms, a dress, a romper or a jumpsuit. While I personally am not a fan of denim on denim, if you can pull it off, it’s a statement.

If it’s a hotter day and you’re attending class in cold classroom settings, tying the jean jacket around your waist is the best idea. If you get hot while outside, it’s just a fashion accessory. However, in the classroom, you can use it to keep warm.

My Favorite Jean Jacket

2. Neutral and Dark Colors

With the vibrant colors of fall as leaves begin to change on the trees, neutral and dark burgundy colors are the way to go. Not only will these pieces be easy to mix-and-match in the future, but they keep you in style with whatever environment you’re in.

My Favorite Neutral Piece

3. Cardigans

Layering is the key to fall, and cardigans are the coziest way to do this. Stripes and neutral tones can turn your cardigans into a fall statement piece, while grey and cream tones, specifically, can also be used into the winter months.

Cardigans are also basically a blanket that you wear, so there is no going wrong with that 🙂

My Favorite Cardigan

With Love, Marin

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