10 Things to Keep in Mind with College Welcome Week

Hey, pretty girl!

When it comes to college welcome week, we all have a lot of misconceptions. What I’ve learned the last week…

1. Move-in is a disaster if you don’t organize.

2. It will take you a couple times to figure out how to lock and unlock your door.

3. You will make friends. Let me repeat that – YOU WILL MAKE FRIENDS.

4. Communal bathrooms kind of feel like public restrooms, except you have to give obligatory good-morning’s and good-night’s.

5. If you really are all about the parties, you’ll be able to find them. But if you want to chill in your dorm and watch a movie with friends, you’ll be able to do that too.

6. Naps are a necessity.

7. Desserts in the dining hall are good. Eat them… just not every meal.

8. Getting into a routine is more difficult than it looks.

9. Go to the events. They’re fun if you make them fun.

10. After it’s all over, you desperately don’t want classes to start.

With Love, Marin

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