Wearing Up Your White

Hey, pretty girl!

We can thank the high end society of the 1890’s and early 1900’s for the rule on wearing white: you can wear white from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Not outside that, never outside that, big fashion no-no.

This was a rule to help distinguish the haves, from the have-nots. Yet, it seems like some people still follow this rule that was created by a bunch of snobby millionaires over a century ago.

Do I follow this rule? Not really, to be honest. Mostly because I LOVE THE COLOR WHITE. It’s a perfect tone for fair-skinned, redheads. However, if you do follow this fashion rule I decided the best ways for you to quickly wear up your white this Labor Day weekend with 3 outfits.

White Dress

White Jeans + a Tank

White Tee + Jeans

Have a great Labor Day weekend and enjoy this time with your family and friends! For me, it’s off to welcome week activities! I’ll give y’all a post and update on that soon!

With Love, Marin

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