Fitness Routine

Hey, pretty girl!

Prior to college, I am realizing how important it is to establish a good fitness routine! Once classes, clubs and hanging out with your new besties starts up, it can be difficult to start on something. That’s why I decided to start my fitness routine today (8/6/19).

The routine I am using is through the BBG/Sweat app (only 28 minute workouts!!). Kayla Itsines has been known to produce results in helping women add muscle and tone their bodies. I’ve heard so many good things about the program, so I decided to check it out for all of you to see if it’s worth the hype!

Subscription Plans:


$120/year (50% in savings)

What the Subscription Comes With:

  • Shopping List/Meal Plan
  • BBG Program
  • BBG Stronger
  • Body and Mind Yoga
  • Post-Pregnancy
  • All workouts can be compatible with an Apple Watch

Most college campuses have a free weight room/health center, but if they don’t or you prefer body-weight workouts, there are options for either!

Day 1:

Thoughts after Day 10 :

LOVE LOVE LOVE this program so far!

I didn’t take any progress photos because honestly, physical results in 10 days is nearly impossible. I will, however, note that I’ve had a lot of positive mental results from this program. These workouts are hard and completing them gives you an extra boost of energy for the day.

I love that the workouts are quick but also leave you sore (I’m doing the regular BBG Program). The descriptions of the moves are very easy to follow, along with vocal instruction. My favorite part of the workouts are the opportunity to play your music through the app itself, so much nicer than dealing with multiple apps!

As for the other aspects of the app, I haven’t used them much. While I don’t use the diet feature, because I just don’t have the time, it’d be super helpful for someone looking to meal-prep.

With Love, Marin

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