Stepping up your outfit with one thing, accessories.

Hey, pretty girl!

When it comes to accessorizing, there are a million ways to make your outfit STAND OUT. But when it comes to successful accessorizing, there is a way of using too many accessorizes. Your best bet is to focus on one (or two) of these seven types of accessories with an outfit!


Shoes are a great way to make a bold statement with a simple outfit. You can never go wrong with mixing bright colors with a neutral outfit, animal print with jeans and heels to dress up any outfit.

Lovin’ these booties : patterned AND a major fall trend

Statement Purse

When looking for an accessory, purses that are neutral colors but also match your personality are best. Purses with tassels, designs, unique handles, woven texture and block colors always stand out against a basic outfit!

This is my current favorite purse : woven texture, tassel AND unique handle!!


A pop of color on your lips is a surefire way to draw attention to your face! This is especially a great accessory tip for first dates (if you’re looking to make your lips look extra fun to kiss). To find your best lipstick color look to the color of your wrist veins – blue is a cool undertone and green is a warm undertone.

Cool undertone (what I am) : deep bluish reds, pinks and neutrals.

Warm undertone : corals, peaches and darker neutrals.

When it comes to lipstick, I love Tarte and Bare Minerals due to the moisturizing complex of the lipstick. I use the shade “Tutu” from Bare Minerals!


I’ve been wanting a Brixton Fiddler Cap since the moment I tried one on in Nashville (unfortunately they were out of my size)! Not only do hats hide a bad hair day or keep you from a sunburn, they are a perfect way to complete an outfit.


Now, sometimes accessory combos can get excessive. However, the one combo that I love is scarves and hats. It screams fall (and pumpkin spice frappuccinos)! Look for plaid, tassels and cozy scarves! Not only do they look cute, they protect you from the cool fall wind.

I’m obsessed with this plaid scarf trend!


Remember that undertone thing for lipstick – it works with jewelry too! If you have a cool undertone, silver jewelry compliments you best. For warm undertones, look towards gold jewelry. Unique earrings, long necklaces and layered bracelets are totally in right now!

Lulu’s is a great way to pick up affordable and adorable jewelry pieces! Many of my homecoming/prom statement items came from this amazing online boutique!


We’ve all seen the Gucci Belt on Instagram but what is so captivating about a seemingly simple item? I’ll tell you what. It makes or breaks an outfit. A black bodysuit and denim shorts is immediately upgraded as your eyes are drawn to the belt design.

Now, we all can’t afford this belt but Amazon and Apricot Lane Boutique sell a variety of dupes!

With Love, Marin

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